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Skier stats - 5'-8" 175 lbs. expert skier.

Skis - K2 Recon (119-78-105) 170 cm.

Weather and snow - Mostly sunny, 20 - 28 degrees, minimal wind. There was a combination of groomed, broken powder, soft powder in the trees and some powder that began to get a bit heavy from sun exposure.

I started out on a groomed beginner/intermediate run that is really wide. This trail lends itself to big sweeping high speed arcs and has a small steep section where you can cram in 20 or so short turns. I let the Recons run and laying them over I was rewarded with a stable, smooth, quiet, ride. The held so well there was no hesitation to drop the hip to about a foot and a half off the snow even though I had only been on the ski for about 3 minutes. They did reasonably well in short turns also. The ski did have some energy, I was able to get it to rebound. I was able to both steer it and arc it in short turns. It was pretty quick from edge to edge too.

Next was broken snow. No problem. They went through broken powder (maybe 10" inches deep and set up from the day before) without effort. Now they didn't blast through it like my Tigersharks do, they just sort of agreed in their own smooth K2 way and went through it.

Bumps. These were OK in the bumps. They were smooth, had some energy but a little slow to get them around the shorter radius. I'd say if this ski has an area it isn't great in, it is very short turns and moguls.

Powder. There was still very fresh snow in the treelines that faced north. It was about 20" deep or so (2- 10 inch layers). The ski performed well in moderately tight trees. I was able to see the tips, and the ski responded smoothly and just quick enough that I have no splinters, bark or pine needles stuck in my jacket. (My hat is a different story-there was one low branch, even at my heigth) While the whole tip of the ski was not above the snow surface, it seemed to make no difference. They skied the deep stuff quite well.

If you are looking for a ski that does a lot of things well, but in a relaxed fashion. You may like the K2 Recon. Like most K2's it is very forgiving and damp. It does what you ask of it, though you do need to push on it a bit if you want any real energy out of it. That's not a negative it's just the way they do things.

I found it to be one very good "all around ski".