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toes asleep

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I am in my second season in a Fischer SOMA RC4 WC 130 (not the lace up pro). Size 26, originally with about a 10mm shell fit. Inside, new footbed last season as well.

My toes, especially the big toes are asleep within two hours. I un-buckle at the lift line, I use the velcro strap on the shell and a Booster on the cuff.

I don't have any instep pain, sixth toe or other hot spots per say.

After they go numb, I ski on, the trouble is the massive needle pricking pain after the boots come off. It takes about 15 minutes to feel my toes again.

I ski one to three times per week.

Toe nails are fine, no bruising or pain.

Are the boots too short, or am I cutting off circulation on top of the foot or both?

I understand this last is specified at 99mm.

Thanks for any thoughts.

ps, Bud, my sister-in-law Patty and her husband Geoff loved you Elan tilt-the-skis-every-which-way-with-shims-and-find-out-what-happens clinic at Norhtstar
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The clue that suggests your problem is temperature related is the "massive needle pricking pain" after the boots come off.

This suggests a 'reperfusion injury', i.e. cold tissue that hurts like hell after things warm up and the blood starts flowing well again.

Nerve compression with temporary loss of sensation tends to last longer, i.e. well after the boots come off and isn't associated with as much pain.

Have you tried boot heaters to test?

Lastly, it takes a lot of pressure to cut off arterial flow, so this is unlikely to be a purely vascular problem in the absence of obvious pressure points.

Hope that helps .
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the toes do get cold, I will wire up the electric current for under the toes and see what happens.
seems like someone from Ontario might know about cold tissue response.
Thanks again,
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What do cold feet feel like?....
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Grrrrrr... it's minus 23 Celsius here tonight Bud.

I'm on hill coaching tomorrow with a projected high of -16. Can you say TR9s...?
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Ouch! Can you say vapor barrier snowboard boots? Unfortunately it was in the 40's Farenheit in Tahoe today.... oh and blue skies too! Had to put a vest on today over my warm-up jacket
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