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Snowbird Ski Instructors

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Can anyone recommend a great ski instructor at Snowbird with level 3 certification who would be good for an advanced female skier?

I'm planning on taking an all-day private lesson since I have a credit there that can't be used towards lift tickets. I want to find someone who is great and who I wouldn't mind sharing the day with.

Thanks for your help!!
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If you can get him, Rob Sogard (I think that's how you spell his name)
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Check www.skipros.com. A level 3 instructor has his profile online, Jeff Hayward is the pro.
Best Regards,
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The Snowbird Ski school is pretty awesome. I'm familiar with Rob and if he is available for you there is no doubt you'll have a great day. He is on, or recently retired from the PSIA demo team. Fun guy. Does your trip coincide with our gethering? :
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Thank you so much for the tips! This is great! Unfortunately, I'll be there Jan. 16- 21 and will miss the epicski gathering. Bummer. I didn't know about it until now and I can't change my trip. Thanks again!
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