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Choice of first advanced skis

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Hello all, this is my first post, after being a longtime lurker.

I am an intermediate to advanced skier, I am 1.80m, 82Kg. I have been skiing since 2004 with an intermediate level pair of skis. Head C140 ( carbon jacket ) in size 170cm.

The skis have been good so far, but I feel them less performant and inestable when I am coming down fast or when I am doing short turns.

I have the possibility to buy one-season-old used skis from a friend.

I am unsure if the size and style of them would be good for me.

Salomon Equipe 3V race in 165cm
Salomon Equipe 2V race in 170cm

AFAIK, the 3v is a slalom ski, it would be good to do short turns and evolve in that direction, he tells me that those skis have to be chosen shorter so the 165cm is the one that fits me. Shouldn't I better look for a 170cm one ?

The 2v is a Giant Slalom ski, and it would be better for long turns and more stability at high speed downhill. I have been told that those should be chosen longer, and I should better get the 178cm model.

Also I have been adviced to better look for a Salomon Equipe GC race, as this would be a mix of the two, and is a better all around advanced ski. I should get this one in size 170cm.

So are this options good ? what would you advice ?

a. Salomon 3V in 165 or 170 ?
b. Salomon 2V in 170 or 178 ?
c. Salomon GC in 170 ?

Thanks for your advice and opinions.
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How much do you weigh.

I skied the Equipe 10 SC (slalom cut) a few years ago and it was good at making short turns and very forgiving.
The Equipe 10 GC should do the same for slightly longer turns (say about 17 m radius)

I have not skied the 3V or 2V, but if it is Salomon's race ski either one should be good if it isn't worn out. 165 is a good length for slalom if you are not too heavy. 170 is a little short for GS, but if you are using it as an all-mountain, mostly hardpack ski and weigh about 170 lbs it should be good.
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5' 11" and 180 lbs right now but I'm slightly overweight, my weight when I am in the right shape is 170 lbs
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Why are you only looking at Salomon? Lots of good skis out there besides Salomon. First ski I thought of was the Fischer RX8 or Progressor 8. Head Supershape Magnum is also a good forgiving advanced ski.

Don't limit yourself to just one brand. Demo a bunch of different brands and buy the one you like the most.

I'd go 170 to 175 in length.

Happy hunting!

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