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Clothing - tall sizes?

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Just a quick one, I find that being slight and tall (well not that tall > 6'-2") but not the norm in proportion - most clothing I will buy will be a L tall size - do any of the ski clothing companies make product in a tall cut - to get sleeve length I end up buying XL and then I've got all this extra room around the mid section..

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Columbia makes tall sizes in ski jackets and pants, but alot of it isn't really that long. Marmot makes stuff that is fairly long. Check the Sierra Trading Post site and search for "tall" and you'll find some stuff. You really need to go by inseam or jacket length and not the sizing. I'm also a tall/large and share your frustration. Don't be afraid to call a company's 800 number and ask them to measure stuff for you.
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I'm 6'4" and have found that there are quite a few ski brands that do a pretty good job at making gear for us tall folk but here are my top choices. Helly Hansen, Northface(tall), Columbia and Spyder. Primarily I stick with Helly the arms length is awesome since I have monkey arms and generally can't find anything that will work for me except for Helly.
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Thanks .. been looking for a nasty weather shell - will check these out...


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Db - I have had good luck with Arcteryx stuff. They seem to cater to the slimmer more athletic build.

I'm 6'2" and 175 or so. Tall and skinny.
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I'm 6'5", 195 lbs with a 36" sleeve. I own shells from Mountain Hardware, Marmot, and EMS which all work very well, but they are XL. They are a little large in the body, but sleeves and body length are really good.

I recently saw an Obermeyer jacket in a shop that was a Large-Tall, and it fit me perfectly. The fit was so good, I was really tempted, even though I don't "need" another jacket. If it's still around at the end of the season at a nice discount, I'll grab it.

I was buying a Christmas present for a friend this year, and ended up trying on some snowboarder jackets. I discovered that the sleeves and body length on most brands (including Burton, Special Blend, Vans, and 686) were exceptionally long in regular sizes compared to ski jackets, even in talls. Several models were too oversized for my tastes (that overall baggy cut that many young boarders seem to like), but some (in a L) were a really good fit for me (an old skier). I almost ended up with one of these also because it felt so good to have on something long.
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Second the recommendation for Arc'teryx. I'm 6'1" and 190 and I can wear a medium Arc shell. Arms are typically long and the body is cut very nicely. I'd get the large if I wanted more layering, but the medium is fine and fits a middleweight fleece layer underneath.

In all of the Arc softshells I do need the large as they are too small in the body.

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I wear a tall L Columbia jacket...got it cheap from STP because the colors are funny. I'm not crazy about it and I wish it had a powder thing below the belly, but it works.
I think that Land's End and LL Bean both do tall L, but they are probably both light on ski specific stuff.
XL jackets usually give me the wonderful combo of an expansive midsection and sleeves that are 1-2" too short. I suffer a bit from gorilla arms syndrome (length more than breadth). Tall L are almost always perfect.
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