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Help for duck-toed skiers?

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I feel strange posting this first since last season, but here goes.

I've just been reading one of Harald Harb's book and been introduced to the whole concept of proper alignment, etc. One problem that is not addressed is that of skiers who are duck-toed (keeping their feet in an 11-1 position). Given that this condition naturally makes it harder to get skis parallel, I'm thinking this is one of the issues that is hampering my husband's progress. Does anyone know how or if this type of problem can be fixed? TIA
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The response is the same as with other stance/alignment issues. Get your husband to a fitter. There are several things that can be done for "duck footed" skiers to help in this area. Since it's pretty involved I won't try to explain but it's worth the workup/evaluation.

Or send me a PM and I'll try to send you some more info.

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Whew...there is hope. Thanks for the quick response.

We're going to be at Snowmass this week. Recommendations for good bootfitters?
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try checking hereboot fitters

or search the site for boot fitters.

I don't know of any off hand but I'm sure someone does.

You can also try sending a private message to GMOLFOOT He might have a recommendation since he does teach bootfitting with Masterfit University.
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Thanks again.
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Try a pair of Duckstein Boots.
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Randi, actually quite a few of us walk with a pronounced 'toe out' track, yet once on skis this does not translate, skis go straight.

But it may be easier for us to herringbone

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Most ski boots are built with some degree of duck footedness to them. Some more than others. There was a thread some time ago about mounting bindings at and angle. I'm not in favor of this. That thread was ages ago before we split into separate forums.
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Very good, SnoWonder! :

Randi--as Ott suggests, it isn't the problem you may think. Indeed, skiers whose feet naturally point straight ahead may be at a slight disadvantage. One of the essential moves of a good turn involves pulling the inside tip away from the outside tip, into the turn. For someone pigeon-toed or "neutral," this move may be somewhat more difficult. Unless someone is abnormally or extremely duck-footed, it really is not a problem.

What is far more important than the natural "duck-- or pigeon--toed-ness" of your legs is the range of rotation available in your hips and legs.

If it's any encouragement, Phil and Steve Mahre often joke about how "duck-footed" they are. Watch most skiers when they are sitting on a chairlift--tips spread apart is far more common than anything else.

As Pierre eh! says, some boots accomodate a more toed-out stance. And there are things that can be done with footbeds and other alignment adjustments to deal with the issue.

If you think your stance is causing a problem for you, see an instructor AND a bootfitter for a checkup!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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