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ZipFit's preheating

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I realized that wearing my boots with ZipFits liners, even in room temperature, is not enough to achieve comfort fit quickly on the slope, they MUST be really warm to mold quickly, if not, molding takes one hour or more, if outside temperature is very low, and during that period my feets are cramped hard indeed ( shells are Tecnica Race R 96mm, WC Zips )
So, simple question: can I heat ZipFits using hair dryer ? That is quickest way to warm them up I think. How to do that to be sure not damage liners ?
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Hair dryers are not hot enough to damage the liner so it is indeed an acceptable way to go. You could also place you shells in a warm oven after it is finished preheating (40C) or so and preheat them then install the liners.

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The hot gear bag is a great addition to zip-fit liners. Especially if you have a drive to the slopes. The Snap Dry bootdryer gets them hot enough if left in overnight. Get a 12 volt adapter for you car and keep them warm on the drive. I am not a fan of hairdryers as they can spike quickly to tempetures hot enough to crisp a liner, be very carefull if this is the method you choose. One thing for sure, you do want them warm for happy feet.

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Because I am stil not a happy owner of HGBag I devoloped this "methodology":

warming liners using hair drayer, only 2-3 minutes on LOW setting, then I wear WARM shells, buckle them up and take the passanger place in my car with my wife ( or anybody else ) behind the wheel , that is the safest way to start sking with comfort. Next season purchasing Hot Gear Bag is my priority.

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LOL... way to make the wifey work!  Hot Gear Bag works for me... ZipFits are much more comfortable.  It just takes a while to heat the boots up.  I put it on the dry setting about 3-5hrs in advance, then use the 12V to keep things warm on the way to the mountain.

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My Hot Gear Bag works perfect, but my trip to the mountain is about 4 to 5 hours!

I always preheat with 120 volt before I leave the house.


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