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Ski Shop in Killington

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Left all my stuff in CO so I need a good spot to demo skis and, unfortunately, boots...hopefully Head 88s or equivalent.

Understand that all demo boots will be garbage but I can deal with that.

Let me know
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I have dealt with both Basin Ski Shop and Aspen East. I recommend both.
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Ditto on Basin, NSW or Aspen East - all good shops for demos
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+3 for Northern Ski Works. See Hal about boots, he's good.
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Northern and Aspen East are great.
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Worked with Northern Ski Works several times. Had boots fitted there in the past. Good people, good shop.

Also heard great things about Peak Performance.
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ForeRunner is also a great shop.
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Check out Peak Performance.
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Hal at northern is the man for boots.
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Hal at northern is the man for boots.
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