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Ski Trip By Yourself?

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Has anyone ever gone on a ski trip by yourself? This may happen to me. I had a trip planned with my buddy, but he just backed out. I have called several other friends and no one can go. The wife cannot ski and really doesn't want to go.

I have been planning this trip for months...and doggone it...I want to ski! I am thinking about going to either Utah or Colorado. If it is by myself, that changes things since I will not be splitting costs. I want this to be a cheap trip (not counting lift tickets). I could go to Colorado and stay at a cheap motel/hotel in Frisco. But I think I will need a rental car...unless a shuttle comes through there?

I could go to Utah and maybe stay near Powder Mountain? I know there are a few places to ski around there and it is probably cheaper. I know finding cheap lodging around Park City is tough or non-existant.

Anyone have any ideas? I just thought about the train from Denver. I can't remember what resort it goes to...but that might be a good idea. I want to ski three full days.

Anyway...any ideas would be appreciated. Or if you have a spare bedroom! :-) joking.
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I've always found nice lodging at a fair price at Taos, N.M. (I know...not CO or UT)
There are some pretty good deals to be had lately at Winter Park, CO.
I don't have first hand knowledge about any more.
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3 years ago, with 2 friends, booked a week at Snowbird/Alta staying at Snowbird. One friend developed a last minute medical condition and cancelled, the other crashed badly on his first day and had to fly home for medical treatment.
It seems that you have no firm plans. Check out the first of the epic forums about trip planning. If a group is going someplace you like, pm them. For example, the Epic gathering is in Jackson Hole in two weeks. Airfare bargains are out there to be had.
For 3 days, I could ski by myself, but, I've linked up with strangers for a day.
Good luck
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Dubious distinction but yes, many times I have gone on a ski trip by myself.

But if you really don't want to go it alone consider looking into various group trips that are advertised all over the place (back of ski mags, at most ski stores like REI, EMS, Ski Market, etc.) Most local ski and sport clubs have ski trips too.

One advantage of going alone is you get to do whatever you want, on the other hand you get tired of telling yourself the same old stories...
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Check for deals in Steamboat

I just got an email from central reservations in Steamboat...rooms starting at $97 a night, including your lift ticket. Airfare from Minneapolis to Steamboat/Hayden is $124 one way, I'll bet you can find a cheap fare from your area also.

I was in Steamboat the week before X-mas...made reservations on a Monday was there two days later and got an awesome rate on a ski in/walk out condo including lifts. The ski free deal wasn't advertised when I called, but I worked through the reservations for about 45 minutes, there must have been a manager keeping tabs on the transaction because when I got close to pulling the trigger on accomodations, they offered the free lifts if I would commit right then.

If you're going to a resort area, many of them have a "central reservations" and talk to them and start making deals with them. Resort traffic is down and they want your business...
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Originally Posted by Living Proof View Post
For example, the Epic gathering is in Jackson Hole in two weeks.
That's a pretty good idea! Here some cheap lodging.

I take solo trips all the time. Go at the last minute and just go wherever it's dumping
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Many times. And I Love it. sometimes it is just too much of a hassle to listen to all the excuses your buddies come up. stuff like - work, family etc.

Especially - a Weekday Powder day. I don't even bother asking my buddies. Just drive out at 4am. Sports Radio keeps my busy. On first chair at 8:30am. wrap up by 2pm. am home for dinner with family by 6pm.

Last year my buddy ditched me at the last minute on a trip to Chamonix. I went by myself.
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I often make plans far in advance, and if someone wants to come that's great, and if not, that's fine too. It's too time consuming to try to make everything all right for everybody.

Right now I'm in BCC (Solitude) with friends, but I leave on Saturday for 4 days at Steamboat by myself.

Steamboat's a good hill to go by yourself and there's plenty of "value hotels there, as are the Utah areas. You can stay in Sandy and get a good cheap hotel for the BCC and LCC areas, or Layton and go to Snowbasin (skip PowMow - but that's another thread).

You can stay just off exit 4-5-6 on rt 15, and be (almost) between PC and the Cottonwoods.

Just go - everyone else can make excuses, but you can hit the freshies by yourself. Also put a note here or TGR and someone may love to show someone around their local hill.
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I used to travel a fair amount for work and added a few stops or days onto trips to ski. Sometimes with coworkers and sometimes alone. I skied Taos in 2' of somewhat heavy powder in early April alone for 2 days on one of those trips. (I have to admit the first day - it kicked my ass!... must have been the altitude.) Don't know about cost but that would be a great mountain to spend 3 days at by yourself.
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Here ya go, Chateau Apres, Park City. Also the Dorms at Alta: Gold Miner's Daughter, Peruvian. I've soloed a bunch. It's great. Remember to bathe...

P.S. That Steamboat deal is killer. Steamboat's alright.
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Originally Posted by Spaceace414 View Post
Has anyone ever gone on a ski trip by yourself?
Sure. Before I moved to Colorado, when I lived in Boston, I took Amtrak cross-country to Whitefish. Fun trip. Train comes right into the middle of town. There are cheap motels in town and shuttles to the mountain.

Originally Posted by Spaceace414 View Post
I could go to Colorado and stay at a cheap motel/hotel in Frisco. But I think I will need a rental car...unless a shuttle comes through there?
You absolutely do not need a car here in Summit County. Frisco is the hub of the free transit system ( that goes through all the towns and to all the resorts (Breckenridge, Copper, Keystone, A-Basin).

You can take Colorado Mountain Express ( straight from the airport to any lodging in the county, with a discount for just taking it to the Frisco Transportation Center. The Alpine Motel, and the Best Western Lake Dillon are right next to that, and there's a Ramada Limited, Holiday Inn, and a cheap local motel Summit Inn in walking distance across the street. You also could stay in Dillon or Silverthorne relatively cheaply and then hop the Stage from there. In Breckenridge, the resort has free buses and the town's Free Ride bus that connects to the Stage.

You also can get to the Frisco Transportation Center via Greyhound from downtown Denver after a long ride on a local RTD bus from the airport, as a cheaper way to get there.

Originally Posted by Spaceace414 View Post
I just thought about the train from Denver. I can't remember what resort it goes to...but that might be a good idea. I want to ski three full days.
The Ski Train goes to Winter Park from downtown Denver's Union Station.

Utah's great but in my experience you're going to want a car if you're planning to find cheap lodging. There are buses but it can take awhile to get around.

If you have the time available, and the funds, sure, go for a trip yourself. Enjoy!
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I ski by myself all the time -- it's the only way I can get in the number of ski days I want every season (25-35 or more). Most people I know only ski 2-5 days a season , so I would be severely limiting myself if I only skied with them. Go for it, and you'll have a good time. I always do. In recent years, I have been able to meet up with like-minded people from Epic every now and then, which is nice.

I second the recommendation for staying at Alta -- it's a great place to go if you're traveling solo. The GMD has turned into my home away from home during ski season.
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Back in 1999 a buddy and I planed a week long trip to Whistler, half way through our first day he stopped for a long lunch and didn't ski the rest of the week. Just by luck I found that they offered free tour groups twice a day, meeting at the top of Whistler or Blackcomb. I spent the rest of the afternoon skiing with six other skiers of my skill level, as well as, two guides. Each morning after that I just hooked up with the tour and had a great time, every group was a chance to ski and have drinks with other skiers from all over the world. I have been back to Whistler four more times and each time I take the tours.
This year I was thinking of taking the first week of April off to ski in Vermont instead. I though I could leave Montreal on Sunday morning and Ski at Jay all day, then I would drive down to Stowe and stay at the hostel for the rest of the week. The next three days I would like to ski Stowe, Sugar Bush and finally Mad River Glen. It looks like this will be a solo trip as most of my ski buddies don't seem to be interested when I mention my plan. So if anyone has any suggestions or advice please let me know.
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I go on ski trips by myself all the time. SLC is about a 6 hour drive for me so I pack up the car for a weekend and hit the road right after work. I have met a lot of nice people while on the slopes. Last March a guy I bumped into showed me places at Snowbird that I never would have found on my own.

For me the question of to go alone or not to ski is a no brainer.
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I've never actually taken a ski trip by myself, but one time my buddy dislocated his shoulder and had to duck out early. I rode out 2 of 3 days myself and it was one of the more memorable trips I've taken. I definitely enjoyed riding by myself- no trying to get your buddy out of bed in time to get a solid day in, no debating where you want to go or meeting up for lunch. Ride what you want when you want and get lost on the mountain--it's a great experience.
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I've had two great trips alone and a couple so-so. Great trips: 1) Alta, Goldminer's Daughter. Always meet people, never eat or ski alone; 2) catskiing in a single lodge. Really indifferent whether you come with other people or not.

Not so good: 1) Zermatt, staying in a nice hotel, though never meeting anyone; 2) Nelson area trip in BC, moving around from day to day, hotel in town. Not skiing anywhere long enough to hook up.

Also skied part of a vacation in Jackson Hole alone, as my friend got sick and stayed in bed a couple days. Skied, dined and partied with people I met on tram line. Waiting in line has its advantages, I guess.
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I go on my own about 90 % of the time, I've gotten used to it. Basically, if you're needing company, then talk to someone on the lift!

I'd choose Utah, if you stick to the SLC resorts, then you save on the rental car (take public transit, around $7 RT or so). Buy the discounted tickets at the rental shops near the downtown hotels, and you're off!

Colorado- most convenient to have a rental car with you to get around (at least that's the case in Summit County). The lift tickets are considerably more expensive than in Utah, and I think you generally get better terrain in Utah.

The traveling alone part- not the easiest thing, but for my style of travel and the places I tend to go to (Eastern Europe, Middle East, etc.), I don't really have much of a choice.
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Thanks for all the feedback. I have several good options now from all your posts. Much appreciated!
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I have a buddy who would take trips on his own a couple times a year. He lived in NYC, and met a girl from Cali during a trip to Utah.

They're married now.

Let that be a warning to you, about taking trips alone.

Good thing my wife doesn't read here.
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Someone had mentioned checking ski clubs for trips. Also check for state or local ski club councils that may have postings for trips that member clubs have (the NJ ski council has that). The trips are probably booked at this point in time but you could get your name on a wait list in case of any openings.
Also, if you prefer not to ski alone, consider cat skiing. You'll at least have someone keeping tabs of your whereabouts in case you fall into a tree well etc. And if you hit it right, you'll have a group of people at or near your ability to have fun with. (this is on my bucket list)
That said, I have done solo trips in conjunction with business trips that have worked out well. You have the luxury of doing what you want, when you want. You may want to consider a radio and check what channel the ski patrol monitors as a safety precaution, and also carry a loud whistle in case you get stuck or hurt off-trail so you can get someone's attention. Better than shouting yourself hoarse.
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