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Snowshoe Mtn Ski Lesson Recommendation

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I'm going up to Snowshoe this weekend and would like to take a lesson to improve my skiing technique. I'm probably somewhere between a level 4-5 skier based on the descriptions below:
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Level Four
You are relying more on turn shape than wedge size to slow you down. Your wedge is getting smaller and by the end of the turn your skis are running parallel. This level represents a major milestone. Mastery of level four concepts prepare the student for the transition from green runs to blue ones!

Level Five
You are using similar wedge-match turning mechanics to the level four skier. The primary difference is that you are able to use the technique comfortably on blue runs.

I would like to learn to keep my skis more parallel when I turn and basically take my skiing to the next level. I have never taken a lesson but have learned from watching others and skiing on my own. Has anyone taken lessons at snowshoe? Are the group lessons good about catering to all abilities or do they divide people up?

I called them and the girl mentioned that I need to sign up for blue/black group. I can make it down blues but I feel like my technique gets very sloppy on steeper trails and I don't think I would be able to fine tune my technique if most of the lesson is on terrain that I am not as comfortable with. I don't want to do the basic beginner class because I am used to skiing on the greens and some of the blues so I don't want to waste my time on the bunny slope. Do you know if they have classes for the in-betweeners?

Also would you recommend a group lesson or would I get a lot more from a private lesson? I noticed private lessons are much more expensive than other skiing locations even many of the major resorts and want to make sure it is worth the money before I pay that much. Also are there any specific instructors you can recommend for either group or private?

Thanks for any help you can give!
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There are a few good instructors there, and you would likely be paired up with one of them if you take a private. Both my wife and sister in law have taken private lessons there, and had a good experience. I wish I remembered the name of the instructor my wife had last time -- she was younger and quite good (Kat maybe?). I'll ask my wife tomorrow to see if she remembers -- I know she got a business card from the girl. She's also had a lesson with an older "grandpa" type of guy who was very good.

You may want to take the lesson at Silver Creek (bus ride over from main Snowshoe), which is much less hectic and offers a better teaching environment in my opinion. The blue trails there are very good. That's where my wife has gone for private lessons.

Based on what you said, I would say go for the private. At the very least, it can be tailored specifically to you if you're unsure what level you fall into.

Good luck! I'll post back if we find a name to recommend.
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Thanks for the info! I called back yesterday to get more info about the group lessons and explained that I fall somewhere in between the two lesson groups. The person said that within the groups they divide us up based on ability so she suggested to still go with the blue/black group and that I'd be on the lower subgroup of that. Interestingly enough no one had signed up for the blue/black group lessons for Sunday so chances are it would be private to semiprivate.

I am going to call back today and tommorrow to check the numbers signed up and if by friday the number of people is still 0-3 I'll probably do the group lesson because it's $47 for that for 1.75 hours vs $116 for 1 hour private. I think with a group that small I would probably get enough individualized attention to make it worth my while. If it fills up I'll splurge for the private lesson.
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FYI, I just saw that they sell a pair of lift tickets for Snowshoe at my local Costco for $112 (IIRC). If you have a Costco membership, this could save you a little cash.

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thanks! We already took advantage of that and ordered last week. They are also offering buy one get one free lift tickets if you purchase with your american express card at Snowshoe. Unfortunately that deal was not valid for MLK weekend but the costco ones arrived as described and can be used any day of the season.
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