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wax wear clues

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This season I have been skiing on 176cm SL skis a lot. When I inspect the ski bases each day I notice that in addition to wear at the edges under my bindings, the wax wears off first accross the entire base of each ski right behind my bindings about three inches on each ski.

I am guessing that the even wear is probably caused by my weight being back during transitions between turns. Am I too far back during the transition phase and does it suggest I'm on a flat ski too long during the transitions? I don't notice this whern I ski on longer 191cm skis.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Have you checked the skis (both the 176 and 191) for flatness with a true bar? A "pool" of wax can be left on the ski due to concavity of the ski. And the three inches of wearing off across the width of the ski may simply be the flatest spot on the ski.
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Powder Junkie,
Very good point. I did check both skis with a true bar. There is only some very shallow concavity near the shovels.
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Maybe I should add some further information because I would really appreciate some more feedback. When I'm turning my weight moves to the back of my heels at the end of the turn right before and at the beginning of the transition. During the transition to the next turn I get forward to a more centered position over the waist of the skis with pressure centered over my arch area.

Does the wax wear right behind the bindings mean should be more centered at the end of the turn, am I holding the transition on flat skis too long or both or is it reasonably normal?
I mentioned the wear is noticable right behind the bindings on both skis. The skis are 176cm, 102-63-90mm, me 5'11" 185lbs.
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