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Im sure this has been discussed before but I need to bring it up again for specific reasons. Im fairly new to skiing, but I do it all the time, and rentals are starting to get expensive. I need to start buying gear for the end of this snow season and next season. The first thing i wanted to start with was my coat. I have a ton of coats right now, but none really work on the slopes if you will. I talked to one of my friends who skis all the time, but has a hard time understanding not everyone is going to spend 1000$ on some spyder jacket. SO i figured i would ask you guys. I live in Central Pa so it is rarely really cold, but today is an exception it is 5 degrees right now. Our temperature goes from 40-0 normally in the winter so i need something that I can layer and unlayer in order to stay at the right temp. I was considering this but i cant find many reviews on it to see what others have thought =001

Please throw in any suggestions outside of this, we really dont have a ski shop to go to and try stuff on either.