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New Ski questions...

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Hi guys I am new to this forum...looking for some new digs. I haven't skied at all the last 5 years and recently hit the local mountain to get back into. The Salomon Equip Axe ski's I used in high school racing are not cutting it.

About me:
26 yrs. old
Tall (6'3")
High end intermediate to expert skier (closer to all terrain expert)

I am basically an all mountain skier that is looking for something with a touch more control on the steeps. I am east coast crud skier (ice, hard pack, slush, powder on good days)

Recently demo'd the Salomon X Wing Cyclone 178 (loved 'em) and the Salomon X Wing Tornado 178. The Tornado did not seem to like the hard pack as much as the Cyclone. The demo tech forewarned me on this one. Basically always been a Salomon guy. Other lines to look at? Should I go bigger with my height and weight (182? 184?) ?

I am looking to buy asap so any insight would be more the appreciated.

Thanks and happy ripping!

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and I am not completely opposed to used! If there is a ski I should looke into from say '06,'05 or even '04 drop it and I'll check it out!
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Welcome to Epic and back to skiing! I would move away from Salomon if you are looking for more of an all mountain ski at your size. The Salomon racing stuff might be ok at 250 lbs. but the consumer stuff is going to be too soft for you.

I'd start with looking at Volkl or Head skis as they are stiff and should work well for a big guy.

I have a pair of Head Monster 181cm IM77 for sale in the gear swap, take a look and let me know if you are interested. Good all mountain ski that can handle hard snow and some moderate powder.

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