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Pocket Rockets- versatile pow beast or ice-hating flop noodle?

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I wanted to get some (first-hand, please) opinions on the Pocket Rocket- having picked them up and flexed 'em in the shop, they don't feel like they'd be much good in frozen crud and on ice, as the conditions get once in a very very very long while here on the old EC. But then every review says that they're the best fat twin going. Can this be right? Dare anything approach my (only 1 season old but already) beloved G4s?
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I would say that the title of "best fat twin" would be subjective and related heavily to the locale of the skier. In the west, in the softer snow, that title might be true of fat twins, but not fat skis collectively. A short ski like the PR, that is fat, yet easy to short turn can be the ideal for some, especially if the need for a nice flared tail comes into play. However, in heavier snow (crud especially) your G4 is going to kill it. It will be more stable at speed versus the PR, and plow through the muck better. Remember though, that the G4 is not a fat twin, so it cannot qualify for the best fat twin around.

I choose to ride a 191 10EX, which rides a lot like your G4. I love how it deals in inconsistent snow, as well as its superb high speed handling qualities. With that being said, I am looking to pick up a PR for glades and chutes (where I don't plan to straightline), to mix it up a bit. Plus, they are made to land fakie.

Basically, a PR won't replace what you love about your G4's, but it might provide a fresh new perspective.
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I skied on my son's 175 Pocket Rockets in West Coast crud & windblown powder. They handled the heavy stuff very well. They were very quick and nimble. For tight trees and narrow chutes they were ideal. They were squirrelly when bombing in the crud though. If you like to do Super G turns in off-piste conditions you're better off with something like the G4 or Bandit XXX.
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They handle firm snow better than you might think from the flex. The tip and tail are soft, but the area under the boot is more substantial.
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Anyone have any comments on the durability of the pocket rockets?
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I've only tried the Pocket Rockets once and I found the(185) great in pow, really good snow feel and springy- which I love in pow.. but I hit a patch of windcrust, they rode up on top and the edge let go; kind of ugly in the steeps; now it was probably pilot error, but the G-3s I skied next would'nt do that , but they weren't as uch fun. I'd like to see how the new AK rocket's work...
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I found the 175 PR to be one of the the single best, most versatile skis I have ever been on. I skied have skied it in quite a range of conditions from groomed refrozen slush, coral headdy not soft bumps, perfect corn, over ripe spring mush, park and pipe, and rutline bumps. I absolutely loved it for everything. It is the only fat I have been on that really rewarded very technical skiing; it can bust out the short carved turn like a shorty slalom. For a big western hill, it could be the perfect one ski quiver. As far as I am concerned,the PR is the future of skiing. Of course I have not gotten to ski the Seth Pistol yet.
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Originally posted by helispin:
As far as I am concerned,the PR is the future of skiing. Of course I have not gotten to ski the Seth Pistol yet.
Is the Seth Pistol a new model from K2? Could someone please let me know about this ski.


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Aren't most pow beasts ice hating noodles?

They're good, versatile in that they're fairly quick given the girth. The topsheet helps dampen a bit, but they're still squirrely, as would be expected. Foam core, so keep that in mind for longevity concerns. Foam packs, eventually.

I've heard good stuff about the Dyna little big fats. Better stuff about v-explosives, if you're after a big twin.
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Helispin; That's interesting; I skied the 185 and found it a real racehorse on the groomers; great gs turns fast as anything,(ski patrol trouble fast) a real blast but not as precise as I like; i.e. harder to snap off short turns to change direction or scrub speed, etc. They were such a riot in powder though, I was thinking of trying the 175s this year; sounds like it may do the trick... I weigh 170 lbs.
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With my gear on, I am probably around 180 lbs. Try the 175 Rubob, a little goes a long way on the fun scale these days.
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Seth - Check out www.skipressmag.com for info on the K2 Seth Pistol.
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From Skipress:

"Pistol Features and Spec
Specific features include: Increased Versatility - 128/95/118 platform with a 14.0 sidecut complete with twin-tip design. Although this ski is ideally designed for a big mountain application, its increased sidecut makes the Seth Pistol extremely versatile in all conditions and pitches. Twin tip design provides exceptional performance in the park. Improved flotation in powder and crud - In addition to the wider waist, the redesigned tip and tail (complete with aluminum inserts) incorporates a blunt, rounded, turned-up design that maximizes the surface area to increase lift and float.

Stability and response -Triaxial braided fir/spruce core, torsion box with ABS sidewall construction. The Triaxial braid and vertical sidewall construction adds stability and response to the Pistol's performance. "Skiing is progressing in new directions each day in parks, pipes and slopes around the world." said Petrick. "We sincerely believe that the Seth Pistol will help skiers to take the sport up to another level"

When can I get hold of them?
The new Seth Pistol Pro Model will be available in stores December 1, 2002. The ski is available in 169, 179, and 189 lengths."

p.s. The SkiPress site blows where navigation is concerned.

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Thanks for that.
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