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Ski carrying backpack for my SLR...

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I'm the proud new owner of the pentax k20d and plan on taking it up the hills skiing with me - not always, but definately sometimes... so, i'm looking for a backpack that will carry and protect my SLR + lens, flashgun, plus my normal other gear i take (extra layer, food, goggles etc) plus have the ability to carry skis.

I've seen the Dakine Sequence, but in all honesty, it's probably way too big. I don't want to carry a whole photo studio with me so the Sequence is way more than i need.

Anyone got any suggestions?
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(moved to the photography section - hopefully get more responses here)
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ah... thank you.

didn't realise there was a photo section.

hello fellow skiing photographers.
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ah... it's ok. I've just seen the
"Have you ever taken a DSLR camera onto the mountain?" thread.
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I think that anything that would carry all of that would be fairly big.

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I carry my DSLR in a global degree backpack. They make 2 different size packs, i got the smaller one, that doesnt restrict head movement. both are ski, boot, and helmet carry compatible. has good back padding so if you wreck, hopefully your camera is safe. also the bag is designed to be set in snow, and have had no issues with water entering the bag as the seams of the zippers are covered with a heavy duty rubber. throw your extra layers around your camera case for a little extra padding, and your ready to go get some great shots... and some great pow shots!
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What length lens will you bring out on the hill? I've taken a small padded LowePro SLR bag (strictly for body and attached lens) and put it inside a ski backpack before. Adds some extra protection, but not much room for anything extra in that bag except, a few filters, some extra CF cards and a spare battery.
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I put my SLR into a Domke padded insert- lightly padded; and then put the insert into a regular ski pack- Osprey Switch 26 (which also has padded front and back panels. My philosophy is that light padding is good enough to protect against regular knocks and occasional falls, but if you crash really seriously, then no padding will protect the camera and, besides, at that point that will be the least of your problems. I don;t like putting bulky padded camera cases inside the pack- try taking the camera out in the cold or (worse) in the snow. You will appreciate the simplicity. By all means don't buy a dedicated small camera backpack- those are truly worthless. The only dedicated pack that works well for skiing is Burton Zoom, but it is fairly large and made for skiing with a full pro system. I was able to pack two bodies, four lenses and a couple of flashes there, at which point it became too heavy to ski...

The most important tool for carrying an SLR while skiing is the backpack's hipbelt, without it your backpack will smash your back on every mogul- definitely not recommended.
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I actually only take one lens at a time and I put mine in my jacket.  I've tried the smaller backpacks and larger backpacks but they just didn't work.  I also find that it keeps it warmer and the battery lasts longer.  I also feel it's more protected.  I've had some serious wipeouts and no damage to the camera.  I put the strap around my neck and tuck it just in front of my arm under my jacket. 

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Uuuugh!  Never mind.  I see you're wanting to take more than just your camera.  :)

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