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New boots, right foot arch pain

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Just got fitted for new boots and I hit up Tahoe this past weekend to try them out. The left foot is perfect, snug with no pain points. The right foot's arch was killing me the first day. I stopped 2-3 runs early just to get out of the boot. On the second day, the arch pain was almost gone, but now the 2 smallest toes were falling asleep.

I'm guessing I'm not standing neutral on my right foot and thus loading up 1 side of the food with too much weight, but this is just a guess. I'm flying to Colorado this coming weekend and would hate to suffer again for 3 ski days.

Any ideas on what is wrong?
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A look at the footbed, the height, rear foot/forefoot angle of the posting, the integration of the device into the boot, the trim/matching of the bootboard to the footbed to the shell, etc, are all possibilities to be checked. Checked against your foot and the pre boot sale assesment of your foot, ie: size, shape, ankle ROM, arch flexibility, forefoot indicators.

The best advice is to go back to the shop that did your foot assessment, fit the boot, built the footbed, integrated the footbed into the boot, etc.

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assuming you have custom fotbeds,

I 2nd what Starthaus said.
If no customs or even off the shelf, please to procure them ASAP and report back.
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Thanks for the info. I currently have Down Unders foot beds in the boot while I was up in Tahoe. Going back to the shop tonight, will report back.
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Also have your cuff and canting checked. Your alignment can change due to switching boots (different last, geometry, cuff axis) and this could have an impact as well as the footbed .
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What happens if you loosen instep buckles?

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Boot fitter checked out the fit and advised me to loosen up the buckle a little. He thinks its the boot pressing down too much on my foot and my arch. As for the sleepy 2 little toes, he thinks that the boot is pressing down on the nerve that affects those two toes.

Off to Colorado for 3 days. Will report back on if loosening the buckle does the trick.
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Lou is right again. Dammit.
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Back from a great trip to Colorado. Right boot is still aggravating my foot. It got better with loosening the buckle, but I still experienced discomfort when standing in a lift line too long. Unbuckling boots between runs helped. Going to call back to the ski shop to see if its time to work on the boot just a bit.
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Feel better Matt, only partially correct. Maybe a little thinning of the tongue is in order and some room around the navicular area and possibly lower close to the arch.

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I have almost *exactly* the same problem. Boot is a Salomon Impact 10 if that help a little.

I have them canted, foot beds, etc.  Ski Tahoe too.


First, the right boot seemed shorter (or my foot longer?) and it was crushing my big toe. Had it expanded at the front.  Then the right foot seem to be looser than the left at the heel, so I use them tighter...


After experimenting with different pain in the arch for days, I came-up to the conclusion that if I have my lower buckles too tight, my foot will crush and intense arch pain will develop... If I have the upper buckles too tight, front lower leg will get tired sooner..but less pain in the arch... Somehow this didn't happen to the left foot at the same pressure, but if I go *really* tight I would get the same pain.


I went back to the shop and they reduced the volume of the right boot right where it should be reduced...and finally I've got the the buckle pressure right...these adjustable things works great, but they require some time to figure out, at least in my case. Of 15 ski days this season so far, I have got it right just for the last 3 times and they were perfect ski days...


So, I would recommend you to check your buckle pressure using the adjustable feature if available. If need more pressure than normal you may need to adjust the volume of the boot to get a snugger fit without crushing your foot. If you case is similar than my, play with the bucklets and see what they do, you may have a smaller foot or one boot is slighty bigger than the other...My 2 cents...

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