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XT-17 fit with modern design

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What modern boot comes closest to the fit of the Tecnica XT-17 but with a flex pattern and stance geometry for today's skis and technique?

The XT-17 fits my feet (left=U.S. 11 width B, right=U.S. 10.5 width B, HIGH instep, average forefoot, NARROW heel/ankle area, skinny calf) right out of the box with no modifications. They fit so good, I've tried to drive home with my ski boots still on.

BUT, my other boots, Head RS 96 and Atomic CS 110's, while both a poor and uncomfortable fit compared to the XT-17, result in much better balance over the skis and greatly improved performance.

To fit the Atomic's, the boot board was lowered as much as possible, stock liners replaced with zipfit WC's, liner plastic removed over instep area, instep buckle modified.

To fit the Heads, (2005 version) stock liner replaced with Atomic CS liner, double thick heel wraps installed.

I have tried and rejected the Dobermann Pro series and the Tecnica Race Pro series as too high volume in the heel/ankle. I also dislike the excessive forward lean in the Tecnica race pro. I am curious about the new Lange comp/comp pro, but am wary of instep room.

Is there a modern boot for my feet, or do I break out my 2nd virgin pair of XT-17's that have been sitting new in the box for the last three years and compromise performance for the perfect fit?

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Try any of the current 95mm or narrower versions of the boots that you already like. Atomic, Nordica, Lange/Rossi. These all come with firmer cork/oil lace up liners. So this means the real race versions that are narrower and lower in volume than the "Pro" versions that are more generous with carpet foam liners. Flex is negotiable in all of these boot models.

The boots that you are filling up with replacemnet liners and fit foam are all wider and higher in the instep then your XT17's. The lowest volume of these race models mentioned are in the same ball park as the XT17.

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