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Conditions in Park City

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I will be flying into Salt Lake City Thursday. I want to use the Quick Start deal to ski free in Park City. Will I find anything remotely fresh in Empire Canyon, 9990, or Jupiter? Will the snow be enough better at Alta to pass on the free ticket?
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I was just there last weekend, and while the conditions are decent, it will be skied out unless they get more snow. Skied a lot on Empire, Lady Morgan at Deer Valley and McConkey's, Pioneer, and Thaynes at PCMR and had a great time but there were plenty of twigs, etc.

If I weren't heading out there with my mellow-skiing wife, I would opt for a pay-for-a-ticket day at Alta unless someone local says not to...
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Nothing anywhere close to fresh available in the PC area.

It's been very warm too - expect mashed potatoes in the PC area. There was some "sorta" freshies in the woods at Brighton today.
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Went to Deer Valley today

Conditions were very good but not great. Groomers were fine as always at DV. Empire Canyon had better snow but Daly chutes had very good snow. Cut up, but still soft and not slushy. Ontario trees had knee deep powder down near the bottom. Certainly not Alta, but no question it was worth the trip.

Also, highly recommend the expert Mountain Host tour. We spent all of our time in Daly Chutes, Lady Morgan Bowl and Ontario trees. It is more like a backcountry guided tour and best of all it was free. Ask for Jody.
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Mid winter in Utah has two conditions; deep powder when it storms, then they roll it out into perfect groomers when it doesn't. Right now, we're between storms with blue sky days, moderate temps, and the Park City resorts have fabulous groomed snow. My rule is the Cottonwoods when it dumps, PC resorts when it doesn't for groomer zooming. There's always bumps, if that's what you want, especially at the Bird between storms...
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Just back from 4 days at Canyons and Snowbasin. Off piste was surprisingly good--chalky then softening nicely. Finished the day at SB making 4 laps on Grizzly Downhill--hated to leave.
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