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6th Annual Guys Weekend headed to Big Sky, Montana this weekend, looking for the real deal.

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Hi guys and gals,

3 years to Vail, Whistler, then Jackson Hole last year and we are ready to ascend upon Big Sky. Small group or exppert skiiers and boarders looking for the good stuff.

This is our first trip to Big Sky but we basically try to find the steepest, nastiest stuff on the mountain and get down it. On the mountain all day, good high gravity beers, hit the hot tub, dinner and repeat.

Looking for suggestions on areas to key in on, restaurants,local beer, etc.

I really appreicate the suggestions and if anyone comes to WV look me up and I will poin you in the right direction.

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Dunno where you're staying, but if you're at the huntley or right at the mountain, there's not a huge number of choices -- there's a solid bar inside the mall right next to the mountain, so that'll work for putting a few back. Don't remember any specifically local beers available. If I remember properly, they had the usual big western micro's -- Fat Tire, Moose Drool, etc.

On the mountain -- To the Tram! Up to the peak and have an awesome time -- can't go wrong in any direction. If you want to be a rockstar and you have avy gear, Big Couloir's right under the tram for your exhibitionist needs. If not, dictator chutes off the otherside of the peak give you a fantastic view down 3 or 4k vertical feet.

If you're undecided on taking a day at moonlight, go for it, and you're left with plenty of options under the headwaters. Down below in most of the mountain, there's not as much great stuff, but it's totally worth it to hit the headwaters. (Didn't have gear, so I didn't do the north summit snowfields last year, but maybe this year?)

Oh yeah, the challenger chair at Big Sky has lots of great lines to play with, so have at those too.

Gosh, I can't wait to get back for ESA this year...

have fun.
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To ski Big Couloir you need a partner, as well as a beacon, probe, and shovel. Ski Patrol, from their roost at the top of the tram, have a list of "tee-times", and they let one pair onto the coulior at a time, at half hour increments.

It's worth the wait if you hit it on a good day.
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There is lots of steep stuff off the tram. It hasn't snowed recently plus there's been lots of sun so the snow could be getting packed down & icy. Be sure to ski a couple runs on safe terrain before getting into anything dicey.

Two good runs to start out with on the tram are Lenin & Marx. Both are long, wide chutes where you can fall and not get yourself into trouble. If conditions are good try the other dictator chutes next. They are shorter and steeper plus have the disadvantage that they end in a rock ledge making them runs you don't want to fall on if its icy.

Below the dictator chutes just to the south is 'The Wave' which is a lip over some east facing steeps. The snow in there is usually good because its in the shade during the warmest part of the day. The drop from 'The Wave' varies but usually isn't bad. The steeps are cut in half by a rock band so pay attention to where others are crossing the rock band to find a way through.

There are some great chutes through the trees coming off Challenger Chair into the Lone Mountain Bowl. They require lots of snow to ski so I'm not sure if they're skiable right now.....I haven't been to Big Sky yet this season.

If you follow the traverse off Challenger chair all the way around to the northern boarder of the ski area then head down you'll see where some people are skiing into the trees. These trails lead down to some good cliffs for jumping off for anyone foolhearted enough to try.

Another thing to do coming off the Challenger Chair is to go straight forward then hike up to the A to Z chutes. Be sure to scan them from the Lone Mountain Bowl before hand to determine which ones you want to ski.

Andesite Mountain has numerous glade runs that are fun. Bear's Lair is a fun, steep run through the trees as is Snake Pit. Be cautious on Snake Pit as part of it opens up to a giant rock cliff that is not huckable in any conditions. All the other black glade runs on Andesite are fun except for maybe Congo which gets over skied.

Moonlight is worth a day or more. It is a bipolar ski area. Most of it is fairly tame (though the empty, rolling groomers are a blast to ski on) but the terrain off the Headwaters Chair is as gnarly as you'll find in the area. Some people come here and end up spending all their time in the Headwaters chutes due to their steepness and softer snow from their northern exposure.
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