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Can't find a fit

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I found out that my main boot issue is a high instep, very narrow ankle and heel. My left foot pronates more and seems to have a higher instep giving me more pain in that foot. I have had so many modifications and at this point am ready to give up as nothing fixes my issues. Current boot-Salomon Mynx

Not sure if this matters but I wear a size 7 shoe and wear a 23/23.5 boot.

In the hopes that an Inutuition Liner would work, I tried a non heated one and still had instep and lower forefoot pressure. I also tried many new boots:

Lange (don't remember model)- Too big throughout
Head Dream Thang 10- way to big everywhere
Dalbello Krypton Storm (non ID)- loose in ankle
Nordica SM 8-Loose in ankle don't remember what else
Full Tilt Sally- Instep pressure but I guess this can be fixed?

At this point it seems the Full Tilt will be the best but I'd hate to buy a boot that immediately needs work. I would at least like to ski in a boot before I feel pressure. I know the perfect boot does not exist but is there something I'm missing? Any suggestions on what else I could try?? If not, Full Tilt it is.
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your feet did not come out of a box, every boot that you have listed [and all the others on the market] do, it sounds very much like you will need to have whatever boot you purchase modified, believe me it is not a bad thing, a good boot fitter does this all day every day.

just make sure you have everything looked at by a good fitter rather than just trying a pile of boots on, it may be something really simple that has not yet been spotted

get yourself to the fitter and have them assess your foot and see what comes of it

if nothing else just do one thing though............................ don't give up
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soem of the lange HP fits have a higher instep (98mm)

and nordica Pro shape

I'd look for a good bootfitter in your area, and let them do the small adjustments on the boot that fits you the best. As was said, your feet didn't come out of a box too. get a tweak done to the best fit, from the best boot fitter.
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