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?? about skis/boots

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just found this place, looks great. i have some ????? about skis/boots etc.... i havent skied in 20 yrs, my daughter wanted to go, so i took her last weekend and taught her the basics.... well, she LOVED it. So, i am going to need to get some gear, sold all my stuff way back when.
The new skies (hourglass shape) seem to be much easier to ski than the older ones. I need some advice on buying some gear, might wait till the end of the season to try to save some money, not sure. Not many ski shops around, but seen some Rossinol Zenith o/s and PMC 2000 skis, they come with bindings, what is the opinion of these??? also seen some Volkl AC, with bindings also. Now, im 5'10", 185 lbs and i used to be an intermediate, maybe headed towards advanced skier back then. I want something that isnt above my level now, but something that i can improve with, without "outgrowing" the ski.
Next, i see people say you should go for better boots than skis..... shop sold Tecnica, i think that was it, and said you can go from about $185 up to around $1000 for boots... I deff. dont want thousand dollar boots, but dont want junk either. I wouild like middle of the road, i can upgrade the skis as my skill grows, but should be able to keep the boots???no??? I will probably have a million more ????, thank you for the help
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no one??
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Be patient. The answers will come. In the meantime look at the stickies in the gear section.

Buy good boots and get them properly set up.

I highly recommend spending 20 bucks over at expertskier.com to access the member reviews and then finding a left-over bargain that matches up in the reviews with what you are looking for.
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yeah sorry, just started looking through the stickys... im going to try to find a good shop to fit for boots where i live.... thanks
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Get good boots that fit correctly... given the advances in equipment, even if you're on something middle of the road, you'll be enjoying yourself much more than you did 12 years ago. There's no need to spend a fortune to pick up some boots you can enjoy... but you also would be making a wise investment to get the best you can.
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thanks guys for your help, im gonna need a lot of it its been 20 yrs since ive skied. couple guys on here pmd me the name of a couple good shops where they take there time and fit you for boots, not just looking to sell stuff. So, im gonna start there. also, seems everyones opinion is to buy better boots than you thought you needed.... got a lot to learn and research, thank you all again for all your help.....great board
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