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Surefoot boots

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What boot shells does Surefoot sell? Is it only Lange?
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Surefoot sells a variety of different brands including Nordica, Atomic, Lange, Soloman and Head. I'm sure I've seen othere brands there that I am forgetting as well.
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Surefoot sells a number of brands of boots, including their own -- which are Lange shells with Surefoot liners.

FYI. My experience with Surefoot's fitting was terrible (though it ended well).

Surefoot did my bootfitting services for a number of years. The full boat -- new boots, custom orthotics, extensive fitting work, foam tongue then foam liner. The results were horrible. Although my boots skied well, I went from some cramping after a few hours of skiing to more and more pain, until finally my feet would start to spasm almost immediately upon putting my boots on.

Worked with a number of Surefoot bootfitters and shops, too, so it wasn't just one lousy individual or shop.

Ended well, though. I took a deep breath and exercised their 100% guarantee -- got a refund on the boots and all the fitting services.


PS Since then I've worked with some great bootfitters with good success. Most of them say that, although Surefoot is a great sales machine, they don't keep up with fitting developments.

PPS One final shot at Surefoot (you may have picked up that I don't think they know what they're doing). Surefoot uses fairly rigid footbeds that inhibit the small balancing movements in the ankle, at the bottom of the kinetic chain. If you can't articulate the ankle, you're forced into bigger movements higher up the chain -- which works against optimal balance and control.
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My experience with Surefoot was terrible, and didn't end particularly well.
Their warranty is worthless; they insist that they can fix the problems by adding some crap to the outside of the liner - no refund, no new liner - just some sticky crap on the outside of the liner.
A pure ripoff. The 'money back guarantee' is just bait to lure you in.
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My Surefoot experiences have been really positive. I have read quite a few posts that were very positive and quite a few very negative, so it would seem a lot depends on the particular Surefoot employee you work with. I suppose that would be a legit quality control problem across the business, but I did just want to jump in and defend Surefoot in this thread because I have been treated very very well by them -- both corporate in UT and the branch in NYC.
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I did the Surefoot deal years ago when I was a beginning skier. Those boots are long gone but I think I had a decent fit. I still have those thick, stiff footbeds of theirs--I tried them recently in my current boots and didn't care for them at all compared to my custom corks.

I was at The Canyons the other day when I started getting a sore little toe. I went in to Surefoot and asked for a small punch. They did it while I waited and charged me nothing. Good guys there.
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when my stock liners packed out I tried the surefoot liners, I had a great experience, good fit, can wear them all day in comfort. didn't like their foam liner tongue, too bulky, kept my balance point back/ I switched it out with my stock solly tongue and that was much better.
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I'm happy with their footbed and it was made by one of their founders Russ..... in Vail.

I agree that some of their newbie employees don't have a clue !
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