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Tried a search and didn't find any reviews of this ski. Anyone skied on them? I'm 6'2" 225 and an aging expert skier. Live in Utah and looking for something between my 78cm waist Hot Rod Top Fuels and my 98cm waist Nordica Enforcers. Have had great experiences with Fischer laminates in the past and am looking for input on this ski......
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Well, the good news is that you have enough beef to drive those skis. They are basically big burly carvers with a crazy wide waist (wide for a carver, that is). I sort of feel like they are the worst of all worlds, but some people probably like them. I should say "liked", as Fischer dropped this model for 09 I think.

The Watea 84 would make a great Utah ski -- I skied them at Alta last year, and they rocked. I'm selling a pair of 184cm, see the gear swap if you're interested.

The Watea 94 is also excellent, but getting closer to your Enforcer in width.
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Originally Posted by hep4186 View Post
Tried a search and didn't find any reviews of this ski. Anyone skied on them? I'm 6'2" 225 and an aging expert skier. Live in Utah and looking for something between my 78cm waist Hot Rod Top Fuels and my 98cm waist Nordica Enforcers. Have had great experiences with Fischer laminates in the past and am looking for input on this ski......

So what length Enforcers do you have annd how do you like them?
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177 Enforcers. I like them a lot. Seem to float well. The deepest I've had a chance to ski is about knee deep and they do fine there. The are great on the run outs where they ski like a wide GS ski.
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I had been looking at the Big Heat too b/c it seemed to fit my skiing type, but ended up going with the enforcers. I couldn't find much info on the Big Heat either. I think the enforcer and big heat are similar in that they will both do groomers and pow, but each has the emphasis going the other way. I decided on the enforcers b/c I thought the Big Heat would be too heavy in pow and bumps, and the enforcers got great reviews on groomers. I have skied my enforcers on groomed and through crud and love them. I haven't had the chance to ski them in anything too deep yet, but I'm hoping soon!!!

Still, there seems to be some great deals on that Big Heat out there that seem hard to pass up!! Again, depends on your skiing. If you like ripping big GS turns at speed on the groomers then I think those Big Heat fit the bill. And you already have the top fuel for shorter turns, and the enforcers for pow.

I'm also a little partial to Fischers and had been considering the Wateas (actually bought a pair and sold again) but wanted a little bit beefier ski (I'm 6' 220) and got a great deal on my enforcers. (plus I think the Demon graphic is pretty sweet).

Guess I didn't really answer your question, other than to confirm that it's hard to find info on the big heat.
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Thanks to both for the input. I think that I'll be picking up a pair this weekend for my EC powder ski....................
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The following is my response via a copy/paste from a previous thread ...

I picked up a pair of 184's from Dawgcatching last season. I have about 12-15 days on them.

Quick comments:

Race feel.
Likes BIG GS turns and SPEED.
Will blast through anything.
If your looking for a floater in powder, look elsewhere.
If your looking for a cascade cement type crud buster, the Big Heat will give you all you need.
Not particularly quick edge to edge.
Lays down trenches on the groomed with absolute rock solid edge hold.

I'm 6' 3", 235 LBS. Former racer.
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Ended up buying a pair of 174's - will update after I've skied on them. Thanks for all the input!
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Skied the 174's for two days this weekend at Snowbasin.  I agree with Saltheart's description above.  Skis are remarkable stable on the groomers, they feel like a wide GS race ski.  I thought they were pretty quick edge to edge, but then again maybe I'm not as quick as I once was so they kept up with my edge changes just fine.


Didn't get into anthing very deep.  The off trail snow was cut up powder and they blasted through the piles very well.  Found some untracked on a north facing slope in Moonshine Bowl that had settled to just below knee deep and they were fine in that too.  They are pretty stiff so I agree that they are not a floater for anything much deeper than mid shin depth.


Overall, I'm thrilled with the skis.  They are the best all conditions ski I've ever owned and I'm thinking I'll like them more as I get a little more dialed in on them.  Fischer builds good skis and these RX Big Heat's follow that tradition.

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I bought a pair of Fischer Big Heat 184's this weekend and have put one day on them half on groomers and half in crud/soft bumps.  I'm 6'4" about 225 and from Utah.


As a hard charging groomer ski, I was a little disappointed and experienced some chatter at high speed at the wrong time... not enough to lose it but enough to lower my confidence.  Maybe it's my technique, because I noticed if I was able to keep my weight in the 'sweet spot' just in front of my bindings (which are built like tanks), they did fine.


I think where this ski excels is in the crud and soft bumps.  These skis were Caddilacs at high speed.


I haven't had the opportunity to ski these in untracked, but based on their flex & width (90mm waist) I think they will be just fine.  Jury is still out...


Overall, I think these skis are a good fit for the in-bounds resort skier.  Also, I bet there are going to be some sweet deals on these skis.

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I've seen some tempting deals on them since they were discontinued -- down in the $300-400 range, which is a steal.


Other skis of this ilk will chatter if you get them out of a perfect carve at high speed, so maybe that's what you experienced.  They don't seem to tolerate a whole lot of skidding at speed (which is true of any ski, but especially ones with a serious sidecut and stiff build). 

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skier 219:


You are right... the chatter was definitely sliding.  I was a little harsh on these.  They definitely rock on the groomers in relation to their class, if not tops.

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Also 6'2 and almost 230lbs I picked up some brand new (old) Big Heat's in the US earlier in the year and was a little apprehensive as I cruise more than blast these days. I've just skied them in NZ last week and coming off Rossi x9 World Cup GS', the BH's provide the same high speed comfort and confidence and were way easier for tighter turns. Great 'point and shoot' attitude in most conditions but hard work for slower turns in soft heavy snow. Also bloody heavy on chair lifts without foot rests and you notice the weight in the air as your legs want to straighten out. At the price I paid approx US$350 inc a top binding, these skis are an absolute bargain!

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Good morning...I just picked up a pr. of big heat's for this coming season. Any tips on finding the sweet spot on these tanks? The 174cm weighed out at 18.5 lbs.

I've read all the comments,& reviews that I can find. The skis look a little intimidating from what I can tell. I'm 5'10" 165 #'s. From what all the reviews said ,I'm on the light side to really drive this ski . Any thoughts?

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Originally Posted by bp43 View Post

I'm 5'10" 165 #'s. From what all the reviews said ,I'm on the light side to really drive this ski . Any thoughts?

Yes.  My thought is that you're on the light side to really drive this ski.


The fact that the people who like them weigh 50 pounds more than you should be telling you something.  (Of course, the fact that one of them was skiing on 177s as a powder ski might give you pause.)


FYI, anyone who likes the Big Heat but found that it just wasn't burly enough, has about a 326mm BSL, and has plans to visit the North Lake Tahoe area should feel free to give my 195 PM Gear SuperBros a spin.

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I'm in the market for my first NEW pair of skis since 1997 (some 195cm Salomon F9 Racing Skis); I demo'd the 177cm Volkl Mantras last year at Keystone but I just moved to Cali and will be skiing Tahoe this year (a lot since I got cheap lodging up there).  My background is an Ex Racer and I skied all the terrain at Keystone last year, Glades, Bumps and the Back Bowls, I'm 6'1" and am 240#  I really enjoyed the Mantras, but like I said the most modern ski I've skied before that were those Salomon F9s which were never my favorite ski that honor would have to go to my early 90s K2 Extremes in 185cm (skiing only in New England though).


There's some GOOD deals on these skis right now but am not sure if this would be the best ski for Tahoe or if I should look into something else.  Since I'm from New England I'm going to try to spend as little time as possible skiing the groomed runs.

Would the 174cm size be too small for me? 

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I also rolled the dice and ordered a pair of these.  I bought the 174's to hopefully quicken up the turns a bit for the width/weight.  I am used to some 185 Volante Machetes so it would be tough to outweigh those.

Paid $379.00 us (I live in Canada). $443 Canadian incl. shipping & tax.  Hard to find a high end ski/binding for any cheaper.


I'm not too concerned about how much power it takes to turn them I'm 5'10" 200 lbs. Skiid my entire life virtually. I don't think a person's weight is that important.  If you are a strong skier you can power anything regardless of how much you weigh unless you are only a buck 25 or something.


Quite anxious to see the season start now. Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops is scheduled to open on November 20th, 2010 but we don't have much snow yet.



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sane1...cheers back at you...

let me know what you think. I'm out here in the Sierra's. We hope to get going soon too. But not enough coverage early in the season to bring out a new pair of skis.

i think the big heats will be a real treat, can't wait.

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I'll scrape up my old boards early in the season.  Sun Peaks always tries to be the first hill open in this area.  They concentrate the snow making on one or two runs so they can open the hill.  Definitely not worth risking new skis. 


I'm totally pumped to try the new skis.  It's been so long since I treated myself to new equipment.  Too busy supplying my three boys (10, 12, & 15 yrs old) with gear to bother with myself.


I will definitely post an opinion as soon as I can take them for a rip!!

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OK quick update on the Big Heat.  Tried them out for a few runs yesterday.  Conditions - packed with a bit of ski wash/chopped light powder along the edge of the runs.


Gotta say, I wasn't dissappointed!  They hold an edge very well at speed.  I thought that they were relatively quick turning but by no means a slalom ski.  I could bounce in and out of the soft packed stuff on the sides of the runs easily.


I was too chicken to take them off into the trees to try them on powder because there is not much snow at Sun Peaks  (interior of British Columbia) yet and don't want to destroy them on a barely covered rock.


I will back track a bit on my previous comments, you do need to be a bit heavier/stronger skier to work these beasts.  My kid who is 15 yrs old, as tall as me but only weighs about 120 lbs ( as I mentioned before I weigh 200ish) tried them and I got the impression that he didn't like them too much.



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Dragged the Big Heats to Aspen earlier this year and was pleasantly suprised how well they handled shin deep new powder. I'm convinced the extra weight and width helped.(skis not me)  On the cut up crud, these skis literally buldozed their way down the slope. On the groomers I was easily able to catch or ski away from my friends who were on a range of top end groomer and or all mountain skis. These skis are very heavy (ask the staff at the gondola as they always checked themselves as I handed my skis to them) and you do begin to feel it when your energy runs low. I got these skis for a bargain and other than the relative heavy weight, they have given me excellent service with a 'cadillac ride' in most conditions.


I've recently bought a pair of Atomic Crimson Ti's (Tom at Denver wholesale skis) and a pair of Volkl V Werks (SKIS.COM) - couldn't decide one over the other so bought them both and will try out before selling one set (sadly along with the Big heats to lessen the financial dent for the upgrade)

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Aren't the V Werks $1300ish?

post #23 of 23 had V werks discounted and on top of that they permitted me to use a discount voucher. Cost me just under $1k. I like the exclusivity of the v werks and they look much better in the flesh than any pics. I got a great deal on the crimson's which made it possible to buy both (otherwise wife would be more upset than she was). The cut and camber on the crimson's seem more interesting

and the metallic matte finish is pretty cool. The bindings on the atomics not quite to the standard of the carbon finish Marker's on the v -werks. However aesthetics aside, you don't really know the real character of skis until you ride them. 

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