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Narrowed down...first set of skis

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Hey all. I saw a few replies to my post on the Fischer XRT RX skis, but I still have questions.

First, what exactly does "outgrow" your skis mean? My wife has been skiing on her same skis since she was young and she takes double black diamonds like a champ. (These are not expensive skis).

Again, I'm a 5' 8" male that is 155 - 160 #'s and I learned quickly. I'm 24 so I'm not growing anymore (except for maybe my waist line).

Second, I think I've found a few more choices, all used and all less than $150:

1. Elan PSX Cap. - single owner, local set, pics look great.
2. Fischer XTR RX - Fresh base ground tune. A single 1/4" gouge. - Demo Skis.
3. Volkl Energy 220
4. K2 Omni 3.5
5. Atomic C6

Again, I'm not looking for something that will last a decade, just some cheap skis that I can learn on so I can save some money on renting.

What I need is some suggestions of which of these are better than the others and if there are any advantages of one over the other. Again, I know these are bottom dollar skis, some of which were probably rentals at one point, but I'm ok with that. Thanks!


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First, put your money into Just Right boots. Good boots do more for your skiing than any thing else for the money.

Skis vary in their responsiveness. A beginner ski is very forgiving and easy for the beginner and not at all satisfying for the expert...kinda like hoping for auto performance from a Chevy Cavalier. Of course, an expert ski is unresponsive for a beginner skier and hinders their progression...kinda like trying to learn to drive in a Ferrari. Outgrowing your skis means that your ability and speed could benefit from a more responsive ski...you'd ski even better.
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Ok, well I've definately taken the first recommendation. I bought new boots from Dicks over the weekend. $330 Salomon boots that were onsale. Snug as a bug and comfy.

As for the skis, from the list above, do you have any reco's?
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Which Salomons? Did someone fit you properly? What am I saying, I don't think Dicks has bootfitters. If that's the case, take those boots back and get one size smaller, or go see a bootfitter and do it right. Just so we can avoid your next thread about the boots being too big.
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I got the Salomon, Elios 7's. Size 27.5. I wear a size 9 - 9.5 in regular shoes. The guy there seemed very knowledgable. He while standing in the boot, the tip of my toe should be jsut touching the end of the boot. Also, I tried a size 26.5 on and was too small.
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Those are likely too big. I have same size feet and wear a 26 boot. Did he shell size you, put your foot into the boot without the liner?

Liners pack out after 5-10 trips to the hill and the boot will end up being too big.

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