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Originally Posted by ts01 View Post
Their tele skis are not bad at all and the insert mounting system is a big plus. FWIW.
Aren't they dumping the Telemark line?
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When I hit some single track on my hybrid ("flat-bar road", 28c gatorskins) it was much more exciting than riding the same type terrain on a mountain bike. Yes, I slipped on some leaves and bruised my knee, but it was still more fun.
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I guess I've been quiet this year due to the knee injury. But, I'm on my 4th pair of K2's and love them. I first got into them with the XP's after not having read a thing about them and doing a demo day here. I loved them so much that I had to get the Recons, untested at all, when I felt the XP's had seen their day. Then, wanted something wider but not feeling like a different ski for those day when the snow was boot height. So, got the Outlaws. Then, when I trashed my Recons in a ski accident, I had to replace them, and bought another pair.

Sure, I like the Volkyl Auras, but I find the K2's to be dependable in just about all conditions. I like their solid feel and lack of chatter.
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Probably good skis.

Can't say I'm swooning over the graphics.

Originally Posted by JayPowHound View Post

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Originally Posted by Captain Strato View Post
Can't say I'm swooning over the graphics.
Heh. Those are mostly harmless with retro overtones.

Have a look at the current Anti Piste, what a thing to do to a nice ski.

The Sodo, on the other hand, is almost elegant.
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Originally Posted by tromano View Post
Word on the street is you have to ski "high performance" carvers from the spoiler and keep them in the fall-line when its deep.

Srsly... I never understood why people were so focused on the fact that 130mm wide reverse / reverse skis suck on hard pack. A reverse / reverse like a praxis is obviously a quiver ski that you will only bring out when it is soft.
Depends on who you are asking. I know at least one person that says World Cup Giant Slalom will be run on wide, rockered skis in the near future. I would love a Praxis, but it isn't a hardpack ski. I have been told otherwise by more than one person. Oddly, neither were much of a skier, but being seen in the liftline with those rockers was definitely important. Those are the folks I am referring to. Ski anything, but I don't want to hear the fanboy attitudes, especially from people who can't ski.

Nothing wrong with rockered skis, wide skis and the like. I am perfectly happy with my Huge Troubles. They make lousy windpack snow fun, and really deep snow more fun. What I don't get is the cheerleading that somehow only rockers or wide skis are "acceptable" to be seen on the hill with: somehow you are a loser if you are up there on an icy day, slicing up the hill like a Japanese sushi chef, and that your time would be better spent goofing around on rockered skis, or just skipping skiing all together and heading for the bar. Makes as much sense as recommending race skis for for a heli trip and everyone would probably agree that it is a lousy recommendation unless you are one hell of a skier, and even then, probably not the best move...
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post
That's a valid point and I certainly understand it.


What would you do if you were heading out for a day and you KNEW that the day would involve some pavement and some singletrack? What if the day was going to be 40% pavement and 60% singletrack?

I think skiing is mostly like that, at least where I do it.
Cyclocross. Makes me a better bike handler, plus it is darn fast. Hard to do really techy trails though....
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post
I think part of the lack of respect for K2 is because they are so widely available in shops like: Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, MC Sports, Dunhams, REI, etc... They have a ton of low-end junk out there on the market.

Atomic does too, but I think they legitimize it on the other end with all their world cup racers.

To me they just seem like a department store ski. I'm sure they make some good stuff.... it's just the image I get.

BTW, I've skied plenty of K2's over the years and for the most part, I haven't liked them much. However, the VO Slalom was LEGIT!

Don't get me wrong, though.... K2's do have their place... In fact, they are quite popular with the ice fishermen around my area...

Oh Yeah! Now there's a winter sport!
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie View Post
I'll probably ski my 5 yr old Crossfires till I ski through the base.

I just posted a report on the Xplorers here-

I'm surprised you like your crossfires so much. What do you like about them?  I had crossfires and found they carved fine on decent snow, didn't have great edgehold and were absolutely horrible off piste and in crud. The main thing I disliked was that they lacked stability, they would get bounced around like nobody's business. I put a Vist plate on them and  that gave them some heft and power, but the front of the ski was just too light and unstable.

My new small ski is the Head Monster 78. There is frankly no comparison.  Haven't skied the recon, but I believe it's a similar build/technology to the crossfire, so, while wider it can't be the most stable ride.

I've seen you've posted some demo reviews. What skis have you liked the most?

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Originally Posted by squawbomber View Post


I'm surprised you like your crossfires so much. What do you like about them?  I had crossfires and found they carved fine on decent snow, didn't have great edgehold and were absolutely horrible off piste and in crud.

My new small ski is the Head Monster 78.

The ski does a lot of stuff reasonably well. I don't think it really excells anywhere but does well for me wherever I take it.  There are other skis in the qiver that have edgehold and speed ability, so if and when I do encounter some firmer snow or want to just rip groomed, my Tigersharks are the gear of choice.


I suspect the difference in opinion we have regarding off-piste is based on location.  I usually ski above 10,000 feet and the snow is usually fairly soft,  so powder and cut up stuff is usually still soft enough to bust through.  The Crossfires aren't the best in deep corn snow because (as you noted) they are a little soft.  For a skinny ski they handle bottomless (soft) quite well. 


The Recons skied better overall in most conditions than the Crossfires, but still a bit too forgiving.


I was looking for a new ski earlier this season and after trying a half dozen or so decided on the Blizzard 8.1.  I was looking for a good all around ski and that one got the nod.


I skied with another (good skiing) Bear late this spring who had a pair of the Monsters on.  He was ripping on them.  That's one of the skis on my short list to try if I decide to pull the trigger on another pair next season.

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I will say the 09-10 Crossfire was the surprise of the show for us. They went to a 74mm waist in its sandwich construction. Very nice ske. For the most part, I really like K2's back twin tip series, Obsethed, Seths, PBR's, HB's. I am not a fan of the Apache series for teh msot part nor the new "back" series. Woman's skis still fly off the racks for us.  

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Greg, (Uncle Louie) I would love to hear your comparison of the Blizzard 8.1 and the Fischer 7.8 Watea. You gave the Watea a superb review. I gather you didn't ski the Head IM 7.8, which has also gotten good feedback on this forum.


BTW, I have seen Greg ski those Crossfire's in all kinds of conditions. Sometimes I think he skis them just to handicap himself when skiing with the riff-raff like me. :) Crud, heavy powder, manmade, it doesn't matter. I have never seen him miss a turn. He is that good!  Remember, in the Olden Days we all skied on 62 to 64 mm waisted skis. I am just south of 6' 2 and skied a 195 Rossi slalom in the powder. (It was verrry broken down). It was my one ski and I went short for self defense in the bumps. I loved them at Steamboat in the record snow year of 77/78, but when the powder was junked up I went back to the ski shop and went to work. They were worthless in the crud.


Greg could have skied that crud on 2x4's.


So, our Zen master, I want more reviews on what you tried this winter. LewBob

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I'm really going to have to get to a demo day early this next ski season.  I haven't had anything but GS race skis in 30 years.  I've never felt justified in owning a ski for every condition - especially since the vast majority of my skiing is the same condition - ice.


I guess I just grew up learning how to use the same ski in every condition.  Bumps, crud, groomed, boiler plate & the powder I get each time I make it out west.


I'm sure it will be eye-opening to try a variety of these styles.


I do know I'll be buying this year, my current K2 Moto GS have seen their last season.

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