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Hi everyone, looking for some insight as I am new to the game. I have snowboarded for about 10 years now, however haven't skied in about 12 years. I was an intermediate skier at that time and I'm looking to start skiing again.

My quesetion is, i just bought a pair of Rossignol Z9 skies for what I thought was a really good price online. I'm worried however that these skiis are too advanced for me. I have not tried them yet but i'm reading that they are suited for experts (looks like i should of read reviews before buying). Can anyone add some insight as to what the negatives, pitfalls are to using a more advance ski to learn and get comfortable on.

I was thinking about returning the Z9's for a set of the Rossignol Zenith Oversized, as they are marketed on the Rossignol website as being more for intermediate skiers. Anyone hear anyting about these skiis? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!