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What size ski: Atomic Crimson Ti??? Thanks!

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I’m from Ontario, but will get about 10 days a year out West which is what I live for. Back here I just screw around and teach my girlfriend how to ski, not many challenges. My background is that I used to ski race at a high level, 4 years of FIS, Nationals, etc etc… so I can turn a ski. When I go out West, we will go on hikes in the backcountry, last year did a full day of skinning and all that fun stuff. Essentially I’m looking for a ski that can swallow the crud from here, enjoy a decent amount of pow out West… and on an exceptional day of snow fall I’ll just rent something that’s 100+ in the waist until I get a used pair. Sorry I’m rambling, but what would you recommend between the 169cm and 176cm Atomic Crimson Ti??

Keep in mind I’m 5”7’ 160 lb… but I can pressure a ski tip to tail

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Go at least 176cm. If you really can ski well, consider a 183cm. Do NOT get a 169cm.

I'm 5'11", 190 lbs, level 3 CSCF, and I find the 183cm skis 'short'.
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Ok great!
That is what I figured considering that is about how tall I am.. I appreciate the help.
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Any other comments on this, I'm not sure why I'm so indecisive before going with the final purchase!! haha
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What does Atomic recommend? I know at least one skier who finds the crimson to be more work than his metron 5's. Which would indicate to me that shorter might be better. In any case why not demo all three sizes (169-176-183) and make up your mind based on your own personal preferences. I'm sure a shop near you has them available in a demo program.
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With respect, if this guy is a strong skier with FIS experience, he will not be happy on a 169.

FYI, this ski is a completely different animal than a Metron 5.

If you can move inside the arc to bend the ski, the Crimson Ti is a pleasure/piece of cake, and based on your weight/skill/speed can ski a little short.

The non-Ti Nomad series ALL ski short and I generally suggest that people go up a length.

Manufacturer recommendations for length are notoriously unreliable and tend to target the average skier. My comments above are from experience and also from talking to the guy that designed the ski .
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Easy does it Jistefa, I just shared an opinion of one of our instructors who is selling his crimsons because he dislikes them so much. Personal preferences do not in any way indicate his ability level by the way. It is just an example of not trying out a ski before buying them and having buyers remorse. Something I would never recommend doing.
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Sorry, thought I was providing some useful information that wasn't second hand .

Agree that demo is good if one has access to it.
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I'm 180 with clothes on, and 5'10 and I ski the TI in 176and really like it. In my opinion it skis long, and is fairly stiff for it's girth. A versatile stable ski with great edge hold that will make any turn size as well as motor through chop and junk with ease. Every time I get on them they put a smile on my face. I would suggest the 176 for you.
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