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New Boot Stiffness/Flex Problem

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I just purchased a new pair of ski boots - after 10 + yrs in a pair of Rossignol race boots it was time to upgrade. I tried on many boots/brands and based on what seemed to be a knowledgable ski shop owner/boot fitter I finally settled on a pair of Tecnica Diablo Pro 100. The boot fitter measured my foot, width, instep, forward angle, knee angle etc. The boot is a low volume boot which fits my narrow high instep foot. Very comfortable, the right amount of room in the toe box, heel holds, no pressure or hot points, no rubbing etc. Comfort-wise all good. However - here's the problem - the stiffness is much softer than my old boots. When skiing my balance is way off usually way too forward and then over compensating. There also seems to be some mobility (in an uneasy way) around my ankle during high-speed turns.

Is there a way to stiffen up the flex? When I try on one of my new boots and an old boot there's a very noticable difference in the flex. My old boots are rock solid on the flex. The forward flex on my new boots are much softer.
Is there a way to narrow the fit around the ankle, other than boot tightening - I have narrow legs below the calve and then big calve muscles - over tightening puts too much pressure on the calf and doesn't seem to tighten enough around the ankle.

I plan to bring them in to see what/if the boot fitter can assist but also thought I'd check here too. Appreciate any advice. thanks.
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if a combination of security in the ankle and stiffening of the boot is required you could try a zip fit liner, it will certainly snug up the ankle area and there will be some increase in stiffness as well.

you could have a fitter bolt the cuff or add some material to the cuff to make it stiffer also, but this may not be required if the liner works

boots have got generally softer over the years, it's not a bad thing ...that old Rossi race boot was concrete

good luck
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What you are describing sounds like a balance problem and not a stiffness problem to me. The race pro has substantial ramp angle and forward lean. Any chance you need a correction of one or both of these?

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