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full tilt vs flexon vs krypton

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My first post! Have been skiing for eons, started long enough ago that my first purchased boots were Raichle Flexons (the Equipe model), which I skied until now, with the exception of a short period in Langes.

I have been considering new boots for some time. Almost got the Kneissl version. Then heard about the Full Tilts. But I felt like my Flexons were holding up ok, and pretty comfortable.

But I pulled the trigger last weekend. Bought a Bumble Bee with the Intuition liners. Heat formed at the shop (Cal Ski in Berkeley, CA -- good folks) and now wearing them at home after the 24hr curing period to try them out. I decided to see how they compare to my old Flexons, which, as I said, I felt fit well and were comfortable. But putting them on after wearing the ones with the Intuitions, well, it's an unfair comparison. I can't believe I thought my Flexons were comfortable! Reused my old Peterson insoles; fit perfectly.

So I'm a convert. Haven't skied them as yet, but the fit of the inner boot is 100% better than before, and since the shell is the same, it all fits my foot very well; should ski great!

I noticed a few construction differences between the Full Tilt and Flexon: one is that the lower bail on the Flexons is encased in a tough outer wire wrap, whereas the Full Tilt just has the basic vinyl tubing. This is somewhat important because the lower bail is potentially subject to contact with the ski edge and its associated cutting ability. We'll see how it works out. Another difference is almost certainly to save manufacturing cost. The tongue is hot melt pressed into the hinge mechanism on the Full Tilt, whereas on the Flexon, it is a metal flange connection, much more durable. But this is a relatively low stress area, so probably should be ok. Finally, the buckle housings are screwed in on the Full Tilt, rather than riveted, which seems good for replacement capability.

I did try the Krypton Pros at the shop. The fit is indeed different. The Dalbellos are narrower in the toebox, and also narrower just aft of the arch (on the outside), but have a wider heel. A strange foot shape, it seems to me, but they have a lot of fans, so I guess they fit people.
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Good choice. There are only a few Full-Tilt dealers here in Canada so they are a little hard to find. I have tried the Full Tilt but ended up going with Dalbello. I used to ski on Raichle, but Dalbello's cabrio design is very similar. Looked at the Krypton Pro and Cross, but ended up with the new Axion 9. The last is a little wider (103 vs. 98) and the flex (90-100) is right for me. Same cable design on the instep, and 4 buckle instead of three. Even though the Cross is rated at 90-100, I found them softer than the Axion. The Pro's were stiffer than I liked and more $ for an all-mountain boot. One big difference I found between the Krypton and Axion is weight. By the end of the day the Axions feel like bricks.
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post skiing report

went up to Lake Tahoe this weekend. Hasn't snowed there for weeks, so conditions are "hard packed". Stayed on the groomed since quite icy elsewhere. Was on rental skis, but they're actually pretty capable (some k2 model at 174cm). Was at Northstar-at-Tahoe, so not the gnarliest terrain (their cruising blacks are more like adv intermediate at other places, e.g. squaw), but the skis took high speed carving turns nicely.

Not really much to say about the boots though. They skied just like my old Flexons. The liners were rather tight in the morning, putting my little toes to sleep, but didn't have that problem after lunch.
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Those form fitted inners seem like the whip. Makes me jealous to think about people wearing them. I dont much like wearing 2 pairs of socks and having one be super thick. Makes things feel crowded in places it doesn't need to be... you know the drill.
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Just spent a month in a pair of Full Tilt Seth Morrisons, fully converted. So snug (but I like my boots tight), but no pressure points after I did the heat mould, the liner is just about the best thing I have ever put my feet in. Toe box could be a bit bigger but again not a major problem. Love how easy they are to take on and off, literally can do it in the lift on way out and way in.


Vs. a Dalbello boots, I think the Dalbello boots feel a little better made, but equally weigh much more than Full Tilts. I fit boots and have learnt you always go with whatever feels best for a persons foot and not try to force any type of boots but I think between Dalbello and Full Tilt you now have everyone covered. Full Tilt have narrow and wide fittings for lower volume feet and Dalbello can cater to slightly higher volume feet. 

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