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So, how many days so far? - Page 5

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34 so far.  36 after this weekend.

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24 days so far, already far surpassed any previous season. 

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45 days so far. I have had some awesome conditions so far but right now it is raining and conditions are going to s%*t. Hopefully it will get better.

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95 as of today.  :)

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95?!? Do you have a job??

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31... I think...

I wish I didn't have a job.

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28 so far.  Taking it easy due to injury.  Last few years by this date (2/16) had 46, 40, 43, 46, and 32 (another recovery year) in by now.

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Going for another 5 this Wednesday to Sunday around Alberta/B.C.

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41 days so far at Altabird, and one each at Powder mountain and Solitude


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46 and counting

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Originally Posted by Magnum420 View Post


95 as of today.  :)

Where and when do you count as the start of the season? We started here on 26 Nov 08 and I have just clocked 70 days. Oh and I have a job - well at least it is called a job. I like to think of it as being paid to have fun everyday.

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Up to 41 so far. No skiing this week, since it's a holiday week and too crazy out there for me. 

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Originally Posted by dumpy View Post


Even though I posted in this thread, I have to ask what the point is? Is it to satisfy our curiosity about our fellow EpicSkiers? to sort of get a feel for those around us. Or are we pulling out the proverbial measuring tape?? "Dude I got 30 days, I'm so much more core than you 10 day gapers"

I honestly feel that it is a little bit of both, hopefully slanted more to the former rather than latter.


I think of it as stoke. It is nice to hear about folks getting out there.


I have 18, so far...

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17... 21 by end of week. new goal of 30

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I think the point is I'm drooling!  I would LOVE to be able to ski as much as some of you.  :)  What a gift.  :)


I have: 


Steamboat - 6 days

Caberfae - 11 days


I guess it's okay when you ski the majority in Michigan.  LMBO

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#6) President's Day, Ski Liberty, teaching snowboarding, no free-riding. For those of you keeping track, that's 2 days teaching snowboarding (beg./adv.beg.), 1 day teaching skiing (adv.beg./low int.), 1 day attending a Telemark clinic, and...



only 2 days free-skiing. 


I guess I'm the only non-skier who posts here regularly. :)



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I've got 65 days in so far!  I don't think I'll get to 105 like I did last year, but it will still be way more than I thought I'd have this year after having our new baby.  I've already picked up some equipment for her, so we'll start counting her ski days next season. 

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20 for me. I think I am just over half way done. I am projecting 35. If April is killer in Vermont, I might hit closer to 40. I will take that..Only two of the days will be in Pa.  

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18 so far. Western portion of my winter was kick-ass this year. JH, Breck, Vail...all within two and half weeks of each other. Buncha' east coast mountains on the list so far as well. Strong storm moving into Jay tonight and tomorrow!! Can't forget about Tuck's season comin up too!

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It'll be 26 tomorrow.

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I last update on 1/13/09 which was 38 days ago.  I was at 87 then, now at 112.  Took a few days off for travel time and a minor injury

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I'm at 20 today.


15 at Bristol.

2 at Holiday Valley.

3 at Whiteface.


Not enough - but on a pace to beat last year!

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66: 13 @ the Beav & 53 @ Vail

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Got my 38th today. 50 seems to be well in reach!

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7 !!!  Woo hoo !!!


In 4 weeks after 2+ years without ever being on mountain.  I'm hoping to get about 20-25 days in my very abbreviated season.  When I lived in the Northeast 20-25 days was an entire season for me .

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Not sure exactly but over 40 for sure when I just took the regular 3days a week but skied many 5 days a week and a few 7,s in there. Got another 7dayer planned in March. The regular will hold as long as it keeps snowing like crazy like tonight and the next three days in Prince George!! 

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4 Snowbird

3 Alta

3 Solitude

2 Snowbasin

1 Deer Valley


I hate all of you guys that have already skied 30+ days.

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I got about 70 days in all at belleayre.

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