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So, how many days so far?

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Yep, for the most part its been a great season, cold and with more snow than usual. As an Epic member you have to have skied by now (some never stopped I know...you don't count). So how many days have you skied this season so far?

Myself, Ive been on the slopes 8 times so far....not a lot but not a little with so much season still to go. I got at least one more extended weekend already booked, after that, and till then, I will play it by ear. I am shooting for 20 days, but if I get more I wont complain.
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7 days - 3 at Winter Park, 3 at Steamboat, 1 at Copper. Been fiddling with boots every day, so it's been so-so.

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Not counting Chile last August, I'm at 46 days.
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Originally Posted by GeoffD View Post
Not counting Chile last August, I'm at 46 days.

I'm at 18 days, 24 by the end of this week. Then a 10 day break because of work
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30 lift serviced, 9 xc ski days, all good but hoping to step it up a bit once I have boots that are less sloppy.
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Tomorrow is #10... when my season pass is paid for ;-)
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43 since our ski area opened at the end of November. Plus about ten backcountry days before that.

The real estate business is a little slow, so I decided to ski a bit more this winter.

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5 days so far. 4 at Baker in Washington, 1 at Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania.

That said, I'm heading to Summit County Friday...
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4 to date. (5 counting Snow Creek in MO--which I don't)
3 more next weekend.

Why are there no mountains in Kansas?
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about 8 I believe 3 at Breck; 2 at Keystone; 2 at Copper; 1 at Beaver Creek
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15 so far, all in glorious eastern PA. My goal is to hit 30 days this year. I've got 4 out west coming in Feb.
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Not enough...11
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Only 22 days so far, Snowbowl opened late, and then I missed three days for Christmas.
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Just 4 so far. 1 at Stratton, 3 at Squaw. Adding 3 days in Salt Lake City this weekend.
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25 so far, all in New England ... and pretty much all my skiing this year will be ... skiing 4-5 days a week since early Dec.
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18 days; pass paid off at 17. My five year-old is breathing down my neck this year. He's on 18 too...
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only at 14...a week off over xmas slowed my progress but it was spent surfing in Maui so I can't really complain. 3 early season, 5 in Telluride and 6 in Summit County. Going to add another 4-5 this week though.
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3 days at Christmas and 4 evenings after work...
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Twelve so far. I hope to get in another two or three before my season starts
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3 days in Tignes/Val d'Isere in December
6 days in St Anton and the surrounding area over Christmas.
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2 days at Kvitfjell
2 days at Tryvann
7 days at Kolsås

Skiing tonight, Thursday and Friday. Maybe a session at the weekend too.
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26 Days so far at what we call "mountains" in Upstate NY. Now that racing has started the days add up pretty fast. We have a Colorado trip planned for March.
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Originally Posted by John V. View Post
26 Days so far at what we call "mountains" in Upstate NY.
ha ha me too, not sure of the exact number though, somewhere in the ~20 range. Work, a knee injury (possibly ski related) and a shoulder injury (definitely ski related) have been digging into my skiing a bit this year.
All at Greek Peak (bump hill) except for one day at Snow Ridge (even smaller bump) and one at Sugrarbush. Got 3 days at Jay planned for mid Feb.

Nothing west of the big river planned yet for this season
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13 so far
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38 days & counting. Back problems have cost me a couple of days, & I've had to take it easy for a few. Hopefully I will be back in high energy mode before the next big powder day. Looks like Bob P. will kick my butt this season.
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13 due to the incredibly cold December or it would be more like 17 or 18. Oh well, the season is young.
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It would've been more, but I got washed out over XMas in the Poconos - too warm.
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5 - Loveland
1 - winter Park
4 - Copper

Shooting fro 20+ days this year...
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18 days and now that its finally getting cold here in OH-IO should add up quickly from here
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22...work gets in the way.
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