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Fischer RX Fire 8, 170cm

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I have a pair of RX Fire 8 in 170cm with brand new 11-DIN Tyrolia bindings that I would sell for $350 shipped. It's the 2008 version of the RX8, like this: http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...oduct_Count=16

I bought them new this fall and have used them around 4 half-days up in VT. I used older beat up bindings so the new Tyrolia's are untouched, and I can swap easily due to the Railflex system.

Excellent condition. Edges are hand tuned to 1deg base, 3 deg side bevels, and are sharp with no burrs or dings. They've had about 10 hot wax / scrape cycles.
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Bump -- the new bindings are Railflex RF11. Bright orange trim, matches the topsheet of the ski pretty well.

Open to reasonable offers.
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Great ski at a very good price!
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Bump and price drop - $325 shipped.
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i cant get the link to work, what type/level ski are these?
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It's basically a firm snow carver; it's the 2008 version of the Fischer RX8 which has been in production for a few prior seasons. Dimensions: 116-65-98, 14m radius. Versatile and less demanding than a race slalom. There's been a lot of discussion of it on this board which you can find via the search function.

Maybe this link will work for the visual: http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...oduct_Count=16

Here's what the Peter Keelty ski review site had to say:

"One of the highest scoring skis we have seen and a player for Ski of the Year. Extremely quick, silky smooth, solid and stable and even forgiving. These sentiments appeared on a number of cards and tell the story: "Fun carver, nice light feel, refreshing change from over damp heavy carving skis. Simple, fun—I'm going to get a pair!" No need to lament the passing of the legendary RX8 . . ."

As far as I've read there's not much difference from prior RX8 -- just minor tweaks and improvements.
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Are you moving out west?

I might be interested, but put off a little bit by the length. I am 5'7" and 145#, and noticed that the longest this ski is produced is in 175. I feel this could be too much for me. Any comments? What is your height and weight?
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I am 5'9 and 170 lbs. There've been a few threads on utility of Rx8 in longer lengths. They used to make the RX8 in 180 cm up through 2006, don't know why it now tops out at 175.

Addressing your concern whether it would be too much ski: conventional wisdom would say you should shoot for the 160 or 165 cm length I guess, and in my case conventional wisdom would say 165 or 170. But having skied these a few days I would not hesitate to go to the longer 175 ski at my weight; at 170lbs the 170cm still felt light, lively, and maneuverable. Just as good a tight turner as 165 cm and 160 cm slalom / detuned slaloms that I've skied.

I've been on plenty of skis that felt like "too much ski" -- GS skis at slightly longer lengths than this, and a Head XP100 that tried to kill me. RX8 didn't feel that way to me.

Grain of salt needed obviously since I'm looking to sell these so again I'd encourage you to see some other threads discussing the Rx8 here.

And no, I just wish I were moving out west!
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RX8 is a very user friendly ski. I don't think that 170 would be too long for you. You would quickly get used to the length and the extra length would make the ski more stable at speed.

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Bump. Your money, my skis, let's make a deal.
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I may be interested in your skis, somewhat concerned about the Din 11 bindings? Do you have any actual photos of the skis & bindings? Also, would you consider a trade? Send me a PM.

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I'll get some pix posted and answer a couple PM's in the near future -- have been offline (skiing, of all things!) and now need to figure out how to handle photos with the new forum format.



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Trying to post some pictures -- let's see how this works in the brave new world.


Bases, with a closeup.




base - close up


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midsection (note, these bindings will be swapped for new ones, see next post):







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Bindings, here's the story.  Fischers are currently mounted with old RFD11's which I'm going to keep.  I'm selling these with new RF11's which are currently mounted (but not used) on old Rossi slalom skis.  Here's a pic of the two side by side:



And here's a pic of the new RF11 toepieces that I'll swap onto the Fischers.  Orange trim matches the RX Fire 8 graphics:



and last but not least, the heelpiece of the new binding that'll be swapped to the Fischers:


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