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Bindings & Plate for Stockli GS

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Hi guys, I'm getting a new pair of 184 Laser GS skis.

Debating between marker plate and comp 20 or Vist 816 Bindings & plate (also can't decide vist 18mm or 14mm??)

Any opinions are most welcome.

Skis will be for Masters races.
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I have this year's Laser GS in 184 with Marker GS plate and comp 16. I've only been out on them a couple of times and ran them through the Nastar course twice. Still adapting to them, but I can tell you that with that set up they are very smooth and buttery, and want to do a much longer turn than my 177 SCs. As with most top-end race skis, the faster you go, the more you get.
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I haven't been on a Marker plate for a few years now. I use an 18 mm Vist plate with Vist 614 bindings on my Dobie GSRs. It is a very burly plate. Like any other race plate, the more that you put in, the more you get out.

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