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The Athletic Skier

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Who has read this book by W. Witherell and D. Evard?

Is there any need of revision to better describe contemporary technique?

I have re-read this little work every season for the last 6-7 years, and still find it accurately describes all that I do on skis.

On a high note,

We had a foot of "snowman snow" (read "heavy") fresh for yesterday. The kids had school called off, so we went up to the mountain.

GREAT FUN! in some of the most tiring conditions. The kids said " It's hard, but it is fun!

I took the fat skis (Volkl Explosive). What great crud busters!

What could be better.

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I read it when it first came out. It gave me a hard set of numbers to do what I had been doing by guess and by'gosh.(making the initial setting) Over the years it's proven itself time and again, regardless of the "fads".
I don't remember much about the technique part except that it talked about "railroad track turns" when not many others were. I know Arcmeister has been involved with it form the very beginning.
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I would agree, a very good book. I've had two copies, (took the first one back), and both immediately lost pages. Makes for hard reading. They just were'nt bound right.
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Ric, my copy did the same thing! I think I bought it last year. I have to treat it very carefully.
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Mine is one of the origionals(autographed)and I've carried it in my canting tool box since I got it. It still has all the pages.
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This is a great book, with all it's great info on alignment, and a delightfull read as well. Mine has held up ok.

However, I did not have direct involvement in producing it, though I reviewed a draft copy. I suppose I may sort of had some indirect influence by introducing my good friend Dave Evrard to Warren's first book "How the Racers Ski" in the early '70's as kind of his mentor as he got into ski racing and ski teaching. We beat a lot of bamboo to shreds, skiing pure carved turns when most people thought them only heoretical.


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I bought my copy 18 months ago and returned it when the pages fell out. Same thing happened with the replacement copy but I kept it. An excellent book which I have reread several times - slowly!
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In additon to the Atheltic skier, I would suggest "Breakthrough on the New Skis," By Lito Tejada-Flores, "Anyone can be an Expert Skier," by Harald Harb, and "Ski the Whole Mountain," by Eric and Rob Deslauriers. All these books can be ordered from amazon.com. at considerable savings, even including the cost of S&H. You help out this website if you access same from the epciski.com's homepage.

Each of these publications build on the work of Warren Witherell and David Evrard. Amazon has a very good return policy in case you are not satisfied with what you order.
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