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Old Boots, Newer Skis?

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Im 5'5" , 165#, I excusively ski the Pocono Mnts in NE Pennsylvania.

I have an old (very) pair of Tecnica GTO ski boots that fit absolutely perfect and have the opportunity to upgrade (cheaply) into a pair of Rossignol Axium 150's with Rossignol axium bindings.

I would consider myself a beginer to intermediate skier. I have no trouble skiing black and double black diamonds in eastern PA, although from what I understand they are not comparalble to more lucrative ski destinations.

Am i ok with these old boots in these new skis?

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Sounds OK to me. Enjoy your new skis, get new boots next time. Have a shop set your forward pressure on your new bindings, and while they are at it, they can look over your old boots for any problems...sounds like they will work fine.
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Originally Posted by ZAR 2754 View Post

Am i ok with these old boots in these new skis?

If the skis feel really hard to balance on, like, oh, what was splat's phrase?

Ah yes, if they feel like "Evil Clown Shoes", i.e. seem to have a life of their own, new boots might be the answer.

And keep an eye on that boot plastic for crackly crunchiness.
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Thanks for the replys ,

the books are in great condition despite being old.

im not really sure how old they are but they are the most comfortable boot ive ever had on.

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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
"Evil Clown Shoes", .
not so much the evil part---thats exactly the minds eye image I had the first time I ever saw a metron up close
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I'm just worried that half that Tecnica will be left on the hill when the plastic cracks.

Trying to remember that boot, failing, minds eye keeps coming up with one of those high-cuff grey plastic monsters that had the ribbed plastic backs and a flex spring behind the heel.

Oh well, so long as it doesn't have metal heel and toe lug plates...
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