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What Skis for Lake Tahoe? Help...

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I'm heading for Tahoe in February and am in a quandary as to whether to take my FAT skis (Stockli Stormrider XLs 164) or my SUPER FAT skis (Stockli 1st generation Snakes 170).

I'm a descent East Coast skier who loves the trees and natural ungroomed snow. I've only been West one time and that was to Snowbird and Alta where I learned that I could ski powder extremely poorly no matter what skis were on my feet so I have quite realistic expectations about ski choice.

I'll be in Tahoe for a little over a week and since it is still early in my ski season, and my delusions of grandeur have not been dashed of yet, I have no inhibitions about making a fool of myself in Mott's or Killebrew, the KT-22 lift at Squaw or some Black Diamond lifts at Kirkwood.

Having no idea of what to expect, except perhaps conditions not as foreign to me as those I encountered in Utah, I still have an inkling those in the know will tell me it wouldn't make much of a difference either way considering my two choices. Never-the-less, as this will be the most momentous decision I'll have to make for the foreseeable future, I hate the thought of just pulling at straws to make it.

So if someone would be kind enough to make the choice for me I would be eternally grateful. Also, I should point out, it would be convenient to have someone else to blame for any misadventures I might encounter!

PS. This trip is gratis as a tag along to one of my wife's medical gadget conventions. For seven days of lift tickets for wherever I want to go, and the use of a car to boot, all I had to due is agree to bring only one pair of skis, not to demo or rent any skis, bag my own lunches each day, and not to tire myself out to much to be totally unsociable in the evenings.
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Weather changes so much it is to early to tell. Watch the weather and make the decision when you pack.

That said, neither of your skis are fat by Tahoe standards.

If there is new snow when you are out, you may want to thing about renting some fatter skis (>100mm). I would try to get the "Not renting skis" rule changed or just make sure you do not bring back to the room.

If it has been a week or more since any new snow (and none in the forecast), the XL would probably be a good call. The snow will probably be hard in the mornings.
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Very few people would be skiing off the groomed trails on the stormriders. Take the snakes.
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Thanks for the replies guys. Pretty much what I expected. Will probably go with the Snakes since they do give me more latitude. Albeit not much. If conditions warrant, and I do rent some real wide skis, I won't hesitate to blame it on you, StormDay, but only if I am caught in the act!
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