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Conditions at the Canyons?

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Me and a buddy are in SLC now and have a four day Super Pass for Alta/SB/Brighton/Solitude. But we're here till Sunday and will ski at least one other resort (or possibly two depending on how our legs hold up). We're both interested in trying out the Canyons, but I wanted to get some opinions. Right now they only show 144" of snow this year which is barely 2/3 of the amoung of snow that the Cottonwoods resorts have gotten. Yet the Canyons website shows that the vast majority of their runs/lifts are open (which seems kind of surprising). Can anybody give me some first-hand accounts of what conditions are actually like there now? Also, how does the terrain/variety compare to the Cottonwoods resorts? Are we likely to be disappointed after skiing 2 or 3 days in the Cottonwoods?

Thanks everybody!

David Giles
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I am a season pass holder for the Canyons and I'm there all the time. All the trails are indeed open except for some of the terrain parks that they haven't finished yet, or if they're doing avalanche control. If you have just 4 days, I would stay in LCC/BCC. They have more snow right now and it's supposed to be a little colder there this week which should make things a little better unless you like spring skiing.
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I'm at Solitude today, and was at Deer Valley yesterday (don't ask - not my fault).

Solitude was FAR better, hardly any comparison of the snow. Stay in LCC / BCC.
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Thanks for the input guys! Guess we'll stick to the LCC/BCC resorts.

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LCC and BCC are not the same and coverage and conditions vary from canyon to canyon and resort to resort. Snow coverage and quality is better in LCC so far this year than in BCC. This year I'm dividing my skiing between Solitude and Alta, and over the past three days the coverage and snow were much better at Alta than at Solitude. Of course, lift lines are usually shorter at Solitude, but even this past Sunday, I hardly ever had to wait in line at Alta for more than a couple of chairs, and then, only at Collins.
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