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Review - Elan Magfire 82XTI 184cm

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Me: 6'5", 185 lbs, 27 yrs old, former racer

Previous ski history - Last pair of owned skis were Rossi GS skis in 184; largely rentals since then. Rentals that I remember in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, were Rossi B3's and Salomon Pocket Rockets. Hated both of these skis - too soft, not stable at speed. Preferred ski speed is very fast, slightly more skiing in crud/bowls than on groomers.

Ski - Elan Magfire 82XTi 184cm (integrated binding system - looks to be Elan-branded Tyrolia Freeflex LD12)

Conditions - Generally hard-packed groomed, some spots of pure ice, a few runs with a decent cover of manmade snow (one with fairly soft moguls). I've never skied Hunter before - remarked to one chairmate that it was a icy today and he immeadiately responded "You don't ski here much, do you?"

Purchasing Logic - Given my frustration with any ski I've skied that wasn't a race board, I was looking for an all-mtn mid-fat that is quite stiff and would be very stable at speed. Also important that it could push through crap, heavy snow, and clumps of crud. My view is that given I travel for snow based on planned vacations/trips, I have little ability to adjust my ski-days to weather, so in the case of a big dump when I happen to be on a ski trip, I can demo true powder skis.

Based on reviews I've read and user feedback from members on Epic, decided on the Elan over the Head im 82. I struggled a little bit on whether to get the XTi or just the Ti. Went with XTi because I'm not a huge moguls guy, so the stiffer ski that might hinder performance in moguls wouldn't bother me as much.

Review - In short, I really liked it. Very stable, pretty quick. Edge hold on the ice was stronger than I thought a ski that wide would be. I did notice that I had to roll ankles over a little bit more during lead-change turns, but nothing that caused undue effort. Ski responded well to short radius turns, with enough kick in the tail. Skiing the soft mogul field was fine - didn't strike me as particularly good or particularily bad. Unexpected transitions from ice to clumps of man-made powder were quite smooth - I wasn't thrown and the ski charged through.

Very happy that I got the XTi (second layer of titanium versus one layer in the Ti) - ski never felt too stiff for me. I will update this thread with additional thoughts over the next two/three weeks once I get into some real terrain - heading to Vail/BeaverCreek Jan 22nd weekend and then to Alta/Snowbird the following weekend.
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nice review.

have fun on your trips.
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You're gonna love 'em in "real terrain"...I'm sure they were fine on Hunter HARDpack...but a true dedicated frontside carver with shoulders would have them beat there on edgehold, stability and rebound. But once you get them in variable snow out west, they'll really sing for you! Do post again after the trips.
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Glad they are working out for you!
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Updated/Additional Review

Skied Friday at Vail and Saturday at Beaver Creek (for the "Talons Challenge")

Vail -
Conditions skied at Vail were 4-6 inches of powder. Skied primarily in the back bowls - China, Inner and Outer Mongolia and Blue Sky Basin. Best snow was found in Mongolia(s). Float in powder on the ski was reasonably good. I did notice that the upturn of the 82XTi's tips is a little shorter than other skis, so if you were to look at the tips while skiing, they would appear to dive beneath the snow more easily. However, this did not affect the skiing in this snow. The skis were a lot of fun. Remarkable ability to plow through varied/changing snow without deflecting or feeling unstable. They actually don't run that fast (though not slow), but they are still quite a strong, stable and dependable ski.

Beaver Creek -
Conditions at Beaver Creek were substantially similar to previous day at Vail except the the Talon's Challenge runs were incredibly moguled-out. For those who don't know what the Talon's Challenge is, it's an event where 1500 skiers attempt to finish 13 runs (23,000 vertical feet) of black and double black terrain off the Larkspur, Grouse Mountain and Birds of Prey Lifts. As a result of the crowd of folks doing the same thing, I don't think I've ever skied larger moguls that these - luckily snow was soft and troughs were not icy. I am not a strong mogul skier but I think there's a better ski choice for moguls. At the very least, the Ti version would probably have made the attempt less exhausting. On Golden Eagle (WC downhill course), skis held extremely well when I encountered unexpected portions of pure ice.

I still really like the skis. On Saturday, I cursed the XTi, but for my primary ski terrain, I don't worry about what would be easier/better in moguls. I will say, though that the ski needs to be driven pretty hard - you can't really take it easy. After the exhausting mogul runs and running out in flatter/smoother terrain back to the lifts, I couldn't get to the point where I'd call the skiing relaxed. These skis are pretty demanding and require a fair bit of effort. I don't know if the Ti has a lower energy-requirement threshold (though I imagine so - would love to compare sometime).

I'll be using them again on Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday at Alta/Snowbird/Snowbasin and will post any pertinent or new commentary after the trip.
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I am considering these skis. Do you have any more feedback since your last trip?

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I just skied a pair we have. Great all-mountain ski, really blasts crud, no speed limit.  I have been more on the Apex recently, but the 82Xti is more fun on the frontside, and almost as good in cruddy snow.  One of the best "big iron" skis around, no doubt. 

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