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Rent Vs. Buy

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Just to know your thoughts about a question:

Some people say that, sometimes is better to buy second hand ski/boots - use it and sell it again.

It makes sense?

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I wouldn't buy second hand boots, but I would buy skis if they are in good condition.
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I would agree with the people that the OP is talking about.

As long as you're not looking for advanced and/or high performance from the gear. Also probably for later beginners or early intermediates. It's a pretty good money saver for those of us that are always pinching penneys when we go to the hill.

For example, through one online place I know you can get boots/skis/bindings for as little as $120. Rental at the mountain I go to most often is $21/day. Ski 6 days a year and the gear costs the same and it's actually yours, even if it's not the latest steeze. Anything after 6 is then saving money. They're not going to be worth anything when you're done more than likely. However after 6 even if you throw them in the dumpster you've gotten your money's worth vs. renting.

That's they way I look at it anyway.
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Re: second-hand skis, "yes, absolutely, no problem." Check them out and make sure the edges and bases are in good condition, nothing's delaminated, and the cambers of both skis are intact.

Re: second-hand boots, that's a lot more iffy. Properly dialed-in boots are a lot more important to your skiing than your skis. Used boots will work well if:
  • you know what boots fit your feet and your alignment needs well (probably from working with a great bootfitter)
  • the boots are in good shape (no cracks, missing pieces or excessive wear on the toe or heel pieces)
  • you're ready to replace the liners, assuming they're packed out, and
  • you're planning to work with a great bootfitter to get the proper fit, footbed support and alignment.
You need to do the latter in any case.


PS I'm making the assumption you ski at an advanced level, or want to. Proper boot fit, alignment and footbeds make a huge difference in your skiing. If you don't want to ski at a high level, don't worry about it.

PPS Once you're set up with the right boots, properly fitted and aligned, you won't need to replace them very often -- so I'm not sure used vs. new is as much of a factor.
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Don't forget to add the cost of tune-ups to the ski costs.

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Some second hand boots are like new, case in point I sold my GF boots after she wore them about 5 times....I say wore and not used because she didnt actually ski in them; one or two lessons and then just a bunch of standing around in them on the bunny hill, they were like new. Buyer was very happy with her savings.
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Boots are the most important piece of equipment. They need to fit correctly. Used or new doesn't matter, fit does.

If you save money at the expense of fit, you'll regret it.
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Fantastic responses !

Yes, My thoughts is almost the same off all of you.

The posted question is about "how buy could be less expensive than rent" ski/.boot/pole.

And yes, I agree, after few days you'll probably realize that purchase should be a great deal. Even not selling it after season end.

Boots... A bootfitter work is mandatory!!!

Well, I've skied with rented boots since first time. Big problem for sure. It's very common to get a "junk" painfull feet at the end of a day of ski !!!

BTW, It's good to know about your concerns in this matter.


I can say that my ski level is intermediate, maybe 6 to 7(optimistically!!). I've never used a boot with fit, alignment and footbeds. But, can figure out that it should make a huge difference.

But, unfortunately for us, International fly with ski and boots is normally a problem and cost+++. So, the solution should be to try to resell at the end of the trip. But... c'mon it cannot be so easy...

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Originally Posted by edlam View Post
International fly with ski and boots is normally a problem and cost+++. So, the solution should be to try to resell at the end of the trip...
A partial solution might be to get great boots, get them dialed in and tote them back and forth -- and buy/sell skis every trip.

You'll be amazed at the difference great boots will make.
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I think it would also matter how often you ski? Since I only get to go on one nice big mountain trip every year, I have bought a very nice pair of boots and they fit great. I then just rent High Performance Demo skis when I go skiing.

Since I like having newer equipment, it is cheaper for me to rent skis every year instead of buying skis and then upgrading to another pair four or five years later. I think how much you ski plays a big part in this.
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go with brand new for both, but buy at end of can buy brand new for the cost of used!!
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International flights usually have twice the checked baggage allowance than domestic flights, it's never been a problem for us either Australia-USA or Australia-Europe.
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If you only ski a few days a year, renting is the way to go. If you ski 10 or more days a year, then buy. If money is an issue, buying good used or demo skis is an option. Finding boots that way is much tougher. You can buy skis online but would neve consider that for boots. You need to try them on as minimum - better to have them fitted by a good bootfitter.
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