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Ice Skis

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So, I keep hearing about East Coast Skis and Crud busters...

Really what I need are ICE SKIS. I'm 6 foot tall and 280 pounds. and ski on mainly SE mountains. I will only get about 10 ski days out west. (CO and UT)

So, I need a ski that can handle the flex i will give it, hold an edge on ICE and likes to be turned...

I am a pretty aggressive skier...but now Im old...40...

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If it has "race" in the name, you're probably pretty safe.
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Volkl Racetiger. Edge grip so extreme you have to work on it to skid.
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Fischer Progressor 9, built like a race ski but a little more user friendly.
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K2 EIS (Extreme Ice Ski)
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Nordica Doberman Pro SL or GS. Or as mentioned, any relatively current race ski.

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If I EVER ask this question to the forum, someone PLEASE shoot me!
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I sense a new thread.

Please shoot me if I ever ask:
-What should I do on a powder day, since I hate skiing that stuff?
-Why would I want to buy new skis?
-Why do people like beer?
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Atomic SXPB12
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Originally Posted by NE1 View Post
Atomic SXPB12
What he said.
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