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Revelstoke or Sunshine?

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I’m looking for some suggestions on which areas to ski near Golden, BC sandwiched around a heli day. My current plan:

Drive from Seattle to Golden, BC Wednesday March 11th.
Lake Louise Thursday (hoping to avoid weekend crowds – good idea?)
Heli ski Friday with Purcell (surprise high school grad gift for kid, but I get to tag along)
Kicking Horse Saturday
Drive home Sunday, OR ski Revelstoke or Sunshine and drive home Monday.

This trip was originally planned for President’s weekend with my family of 4 flying into Calgary to do Sunshine, Louise, Kicking Horse, & a Heli day. Since my son broke his foot 4 weeks ago, we had to cancel that trip and re-schedule everything to a month later (and now driving instead & leaving wife home). I’ve been to Banff a few times in the summer, and Mt. biked KH once, so I’ve always wanted to ski the Banff areas & KH. I’m leaning towards Revelstoke rather than sunshine if we tack on the extra day since Rev is, well, big & new. Does anyone agree with that choice? Both KH and Revelstoke seem a bit out of the way – I’m assuming weekend crowds are not an issue on weekends - true?
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Definitely Revelstoke!
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i choose the drive home option

You seem keen on KH, so i am guessing you are decent skiers?

In my experience, the expert terrain at lake louise doesn't get too busy on the weekends. Paradise chair rarely has a line up, and the line at summit platter isn't terrible. Intermediate areas such as larch and most of the frontside can get very busy though.

Kicking Horse tends to have long gondola waits for the first two hours of weekend operations, esp if ther is good snow. Everybody funnels down to one lift, and it takes time to spread out the crowds.....Calgarians do day-trip to KH.

I've never skied revelstoke, but have spent a lot of time at sunshine. i guess I cannot compare the two resorts, but personally i would choose revy for the new experience.
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Sounds like Revelstoke is the way to go. Thanks all.

Yes, decent skiers. That's one of the reasons I talked my wife into skipping the trip - I didn't want to be held back a bit if you know what I mean. I do run out of gas if skiing the tougher stuff non stop. Not sure how my kid will be doing coming off the broken foot, but I'm hoping he will be in good shape. Otherwise, he can keep up to - or pass - me, & he does not run out of gas. We are pretty much locked into the heli day otherwise I would probably postpone the whole trip by a season with his foot issue.

If KH gets busy on the weekends, we could do that on our first ski day instead which is actually preferred since it would be the day after our long drive to Golden (rather than driving to Louise). The only problem is if we ski Rev I would prefer to do KH on Saturday so we could do the couple hour drive to Rev. afterwards. I'll play that by ear.
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See if you can change your Heli day to Saturday?
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I would do the heli day Saturday but opted for Friday in the event we are shut down due to weather, we could roll over to Saturday and even Sunday to still get the heli day in. And, I feel better having our heli day being after a 1 day warm up, rather than a couple ski days into the trip.
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I wouldn't be too worried about spending a saturday at a resort.

Banff and KH aren't really THAT busy. I was just suggesting that if I had a choice between KH or LL for a saturday, I think I would choose LL.

Although the gondola line ups at KH can be long for the first couple hours of a good saturday, at 4K vert (more if you do a hike or take the quad) per lap, you can get a lot of skiing done.
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I've done that drive to KH. It's a longgg drive and the pass between Revelstoke and KH can be sketchy!

KH is great and as manchester pointed out, the lines aren't that long (never seen it worse than Whistler). There are some great lines at KH. The chutes off Terminator that you see from the gondola on the left are short hikes up and definitely fun. As you ski down terminator, head skier's right around the ridge and perfect bumps all the way down to the village.

Anyways, I think you have it right. LL on Thursday, heli on Friday, KH on Sat, and Revelstoke on Monday. That way it breaks up the drive a lot for the ride home.

Have a great time!
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make sure that the road KH to reve is open that day.

also check the freezing levels, sunshine will almost never get rain/above freezing, but reve might.

THen ski the one that has gotten the most new snow in the past few days
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