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Upgrading R11's - K2 recon, extreme

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Hello All,

I am looking to replace my Atomic R11's and want some opinions. I skied Whitefish this weekend and demo'd some K2 Apache recons. Seems like a decent ski but the conditions were less than decent. The skis shop guy said they are also not the quickest turners and I enjoy the bumps and off-piste steeps. He suggested trying the extremes next time??? I'm not a park guy (sorry never skied a pair) but wonder what twin tips are like and also what size these days?

184lbs, 6', ski adv & expert terrain

My R11's are 180's and while I love blasting down a groomer on them.... it's not where I prefer to ski Also they're heavy, stiff suckers so you need to work them hard for quick turns.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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I'm a bit bigger than you (6'5", 195 lbs) and have been on 180cm R11's for the last 6 years. I've been demo'ing quite a bit over the last two seasons, and all I can tell you is that you are in for a treat. Almost every ski I demo'ed kicked the R11's ass. It's gotten to the point where every time I put them on, I suffer a let down. It was a fine ski in its day, and I've had good times on them, but technology has left them in the dust.

I can't make up my mind, so I still ski them while I continue to demo. The K-2's were among my least favorite demos, but some people get along with them just fine. My current fave's are the Dynastar Contact 4x4's for groomed, East Coast powder dumps (like 8 inches), and the resulting crud. Out west, I've had a blast in Volkl Mantra's and Head Monsters (both 82's and 88's). All of them would do fine on off-piste steeps. I've managed them all OK in the bumps, but I'm a lousy bump skier, so I can't comment on their quickness.
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I was out there on Sunday, so I know what you mean. Nevertheless, the Recons were fine that day. However, they are NOT BUMP skis. Fine off piste, but moguls are not their forte. I understand the xplorer's are great and perhaps better than the Recon, but once again, I wouldn't pick them for bumps. I'd get them if I didn't already own the Recons and Outlaws (could have probably just had the one ski if the Xplorer's had been out when I was buying...) I think you need a softer ski than this bunch for bumps, but by and large I avoid them most of the time. I've used the Recons on Black Bear and Lower Mully's but I do it because it's good for me, not because I'm a bump skier.
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Thanks for the input guys! I think I need to do some more demoing.. and as fun as that is I'd rather find a ski, buy it and enjoy!

I'm not looking for a bump ski in general just something that can turn quicker when needed. Hate to use the all mountain term but I do want a versatile ski with more off-piste performance than a groomer blaster. But also something that can handle the bumps when called upon.... Sounds like ski utopia!

I demo'd a bump ski once and it was quite the experience. I think the skis were in control most of the time and just wanted to go straight down the fall line... sure it ripped the bumps but get it on a groomer and the high speed wobbles scared the **** outta me. It was quite humourous to say the least!

I'm in Alberta so I'll have to see what I can demo at Sunshine & Louise. I'll likely start another thread without K2 in the title as that seems to be an interesting topic on its own in these forums Cheers!
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