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My foot sometimes "disappears"

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I dont know if anyone can answer this or not.

I have been having some trouble with my boots such that sometimes, by the time I reach the top of the lift, I cannot feel my foot from the top of my ankle down. It is not painful, or even overly tingly, but the best way I can describe the feeling is that my foot is not there. I think about moving my toes, but I get no feedback saying whether or not they actually moved. Obviously you cannot ski confidently in that condition so I completely unbuckle my boot and after a minute or two, feeling returns. I would say that my boots are too tight, but it is not a consistent problem. Some days, I leave my boots cranked down the entire evening without a problem, others I have to loosen the middle two buckles, others I have to take off all of the buckles. That would not be too much of a problem, but some days, I cycle through all of those phases and still cannot find a way to maintain feeling on the lift.

I have Tecnica Diablo Hot Form boots with a custom cork foot bed that were fitted by a reputable local fitter. However, they are not overly convienent to visit, so I only want to go if I know it can be fixed. This will be my second season in the boots.

Any ideas as to what may be causing the loss of feeling?

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is the tongue sliding down on the boot, as you put it on? open the buckles, slide teh tongue side to side and then pull it up, buckle the boots while pulling up and see if that is better..

same thickness of socks all the time?
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I will give that a try this afternoon at home since I am recovering from a knee injury, although it may not be an accurate assessment.

Yes my socks are all the same light padding smartwool.

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After spending some time fiddling with the tongue, I have managed to maintain feeling of some level throughout lift rides; however, I now just experience various levels of pain during the lift, during skiing, and while waiting for the lift. I would go to the boot fitter, but I dont know what to tell him to fix as the problem is anything but consistent. As when I was completely loosing feeling, some days my boots fit perfectly, no pain, no numbness, accompanied by a full feeling of control. Some days I just have momentary numbness as I stand in line or ride the lift. Both of these are fine and manageable, but other times I am in extreme pain at the bottom of the hill. Areas of concern include ankle, sole of foot, and lower calf. I dont know how to describe it other than it hurts to the point where I dont even want to move toward the lift line without taking all pressure off of the foot and allowing the pain a few minutes to dissipate, which it does. Again, I can deal with a minor inconvenience in line, but this is sometimes accompanied by heel shifting, both laterally, and vertically enough that I notice a change in the responsiveness of my skis.

I have a feeling that the liners may be shot as I have skied them hard for over 50 days. I plan on getting a more durable liner, maybe foam injected for next season, but I do not want to invest that kind of money in my current shells nor do I have the funds to purchase new boots and liners now. Are there any inexpensive solutions that would hold me over another 30-40 ski days?

Thanks for the help.
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try renting boots for a day and see if the same thing happens

try your boots with and without a footbed and see if that helps.
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After some more fiddling at home, the only noticeable concern is that if I stand with my feet at my normal skiing distance, the soles of my boots are not flat to the ground. I am under the impression that you want the boots to be flat so the skis are flat. Is adjusting the cant of the leg of the boot a safe enough thing to do on my own. Obviously I can figure out how to do it, but I dont want to do something that if I go too far could contribute to a more serious injury in a crash.

I am thinking that this might relieve pressure on my ankle. Any thoughts?

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try it inside and see if your feet are flat? and see if the ankle feels better?
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I have played around with the angle of the leg, but ended up putting it back as it led to more pain on my calf.  I added some additional padding to the outside of my liner to help keep my heel in place which has helped with my calf and overall fit and circulation, but it still feels like someone is punching my leg with each hard turn or step.   The pain is occuring at about 5 o'clock on my right boot right at the cuff.  Any suggestions?


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how big is your calf in comparison to your lower leg? if larger the upper cuff could be squeezing your foot to the top of the boot due to leg taper issues. how about the tibal curve of your lower leg. Bow to the outside exessively? sometimes bringing the bottom of the footbed to the foot is a decent idea.beware of cuniform(major bone ontop of the foot) impedence though. just some ideas.

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I already had material cut out of the liner to allow room for the cuniform during the initial boot fitting, so I dont think I can raise the footbed at all.  I would say that my calf is larger than most people's and my ankle is little more than skin and bones creating a rather tapered leg.  I dont know what you mean by tibal curve. 

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