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Hey there.

Today I took out my Legend Pro Riders for the first time...
I skied them at Boston Mills in Northeast Ohio (~300 vertical of man made snow, though we just got about a foot of mother nature's best in the last two days...)

I got these Legend Pro Riders in 176s from Sierra Skis in October for a great deal, and have been very excited to use them. I've been waxing and preparing them for the last week, and finally got out on them today and let me say, they are awesome. I usually ski on Dynastar Speed Omeglass 64s (SL ski) so I am used to something totally different from these and it took a while to get used to them...

I took two runs on them first thing this morning, then switched to the 64s to teach, and then got a good two hours in on the Legends. The two runs in the morning the snow was rock solid and had just been groomed. I could tell immediately that these skis like speed. I couldn't really initiate the edges at a low speed. I tried to just ski them like my 64s and almost took a dive but saved it. I still wasn't totally comfortable on them after the first two runs, but in the afternoon everything changed.

The snow softened up and was in push piles. Here, I could really test their crud ability, and they truly shined. Seeing as the runs are so short, I couldn't really get up to speed until half way down the run, at which point I would make two big turns and the get back in the lift line. From those few big turns I could make, it was clear to me that these skis are damp (right terminology?) and they just blast through everything. Awesome.

I can't wait to take these puppies out to Colorado and Utah for some longer runs...

The other thing about big skis like these in the midwest, is people have no idea what they are. They certainly are a conversation piece with many questions being asked about them such as, "wow those are wide, what are they for?" and "what kind of skis are those?" and a whole bunch of other like questions.

Anyways, I love them and recommend them, though I don't plan on taking them out here (Ohio) too often, I would definitely rock them all day every day in the west.