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Heading to Baker next weekend

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I'll be skiing on the other side of the Mississippi for the first time next weekend. I usually ski at Whiteface, Gore, Killington, Jay, Windham, Stratton, etc. Wherever I can find the best deals.

Anything I should know? Hints/tips?

And any links to deals? I often find coupons online or on eBay for places like Jay, but can't find anything at all for Baker.

And what's up with their bizzarro pricing? $43.17?
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Bizzarro pricing brings it up to a nice round number when you add sales tax. The state doesn't like businesses to advertise their prices including sales tax. Go figure.

No deals on tickets. What you see is what you get. No discounts of any kind.

Next weekend is still a long way off, but it may either be spring conditions, or icy unless some snow comes in. The snow quits today and it's supposed to warm up through Friday. After that my crystal ball gets a little dim. For an idea about the weather try this site: http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts...Baker/6day/mid

Know where you are and what is below you. If you're not sure, don't venture there unless lots of others are going. Even then beware. It's best to scope an area out from below before trying from the top. There are lots of cliffs at the ski area and every year it seems like one or two people go off of them, sometimes to their deaths. Most of these cliffs have no landing, just more rocks or a flat area to squish yourself on.

When Baker closes an area DON'T GO THERE. It means that it's too dangerous, not that they are being anal. This is one of the most loosely run outfits I've seen, and they believe in personal freedom and responsibility so when it says "closed" believe it.
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