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FIS SL equip rules

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I have a question for you hard-core gate bashers out there.

I was watching the Kittsbuhl (sp??) races on ESPN this weekend. During the SL races on Sunday, they kept mentioning that the men were on 155cm skis. I know that the FIS minimum was 174cm for Men's SL. Did the FIS change the rules and lower the min. length, or is our buddy Bob Beattie smoking the whacky weed again? (for the record, I take very little stock in the words that come out of the mouths of network commentators - ESPN included).

Oh yeah.... Did you guys see that Rothrock had a GREAT finish in the DH, only to be DQ'd because he had a sliver of duct tape on his bindings to add some cant? They said he was 1mm over the height limit! Poor Tom must have been PO'd to the max!

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FIS mins are 155 cm for men and 150 for women. In USA only enforced at National FIS (NorAM) and World Cup levels. USSA sanctioned races no mins.
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Thanks Ed!!
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John H.

Actually the guy with the DQ based on the duct tape mod was Thomas Vonn in the SG. Still too bad, but I actually don't see how the technicians don't check beforehand, because the height is checked all the time, and 56mm is above max of 55mm. That should be part of their job.
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If I recall, it takes 4 or 5 layers to make a mm. Someone should have been "on" that one. Besides ductape sticks better to the bottom of the boots and probably could be quickly "scuffed" off after the run.(my old race car mentality kicking in) :
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