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learn me some things?

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so i had a pair of head argons that i skied in for 10 years.

recently purchased technica ventos .

i got them in the same size but the technicas seem way big.

the heads say 28-28.5 on the boot

the technicas only say 28.5

do shells come in half sizes or is it just the boot?

i switched the boots out and man was the technica inner boot so soft and flexable.

i put in the head boots into the technicas and they felt 10 times better but not perfect.

can you guys school me some stuff on whats going on.

i allready bought the technicas after trying so many other boots and would hate to have to try and sell them on ebay and get another pair.
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The ventos are a generous last re. volume.

Were your new boots shell fit?

Do you have a footbed?

Did you read the sticky re. "which boots will work for me" etc, etc posted at the top of the forum?

FYI, shells come in full sizes
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To what Matt said:
Did anyone measure your foot?
Did you just try on a bunch of boots until you found the comfortable one?
Did you purchase from a shop with a bootfitter?
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