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dynastar speed coarse

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HI all, rather than posting advice for skis, I think it might be better to look at why not a particular ski.

I just demod rossignol yesterday, the wc X was my favorite probably due to the stiffness and the long radius.

I was suggested the fischer progressor and head superchip from people in here, but I am still waiting for demo day.

In the meantime, I have the chance to demo the dynastar speed coarse, in 172 ( I like them a little longer )

I am 143 lbs, male, 38 years old, 5"8, have been skiing my whole life. I have no idea what my skill level would be, but my life time of skiing and many lessons when i was younger, makes me a fairly aggressive skier, but my technique may be flawed. This doesn't stray from the fact that I like to ski very fast, and never use the hill and the back of my skis to slow down. For those who don't know what I mean, I am referring to most intermediate type skiers, who simply when faced with a steeper slope, make wider turns and let slip the back of their skis to control their speed. My posture is quite low, due to the natural instinct to keep my center of gravity lower and therefore have more control. This of coarse is determined by the angle of the slope.

I will not say I am carving perfectly, but that is what I am trying to do. My turns are quite narrow and I am not rushing back and forth between turns like slalom. I enjoy skiing for what it is and how I do it, so I am ready to upgrade my skis. So I need some sort of racing ski I guess, big turn radius, stiff, one that can carve through anything, (often I ski in icy conditions), and one that will not do something I didn't mean for it to do. I have no desire to flip over and break bones because my ski caught an edge or something. If I am not trying to turn, then the ski has to go straight. My guess is that I need a ski not so shaped.

All comments are welcome, with any specific comments on why I may not be suited for a dynastar speed coarse.

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gee, not a popular ski it seems. maybe no response is the response. I will still demo it, but I guess a new thread for some other suggestions is needed.
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Not sure where you want this to go? You seem to know that you need a GS type carver so what are you looking to get out of this post?
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well, I am looking for comparable skis which may be better suited to my skill level, terrain I choose to ski, weight, and so forth. In other words, someone may suggest that the dynastar will not be as fun as another ski, in certain conditions. Yes, I ski mostly fast, but some skis may have better diversity than others without sacrificing the performance at high speeds

So far, I am still searching the forums for reviews of all skis, so one thing I found encouraging was that the dynastar seems suited well to a lighter skier. according to one reviewer.
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Yes, I've heard that the Dynastar Speed is a really coarse ski.
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I don't know, it could be kinda rough!
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