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Ski Recomendation Please?

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First time poster, long time lurker.

5'9", 180 lbs, 30 yrs old, level 8 skier. Thinking 170cm?

Use to race GS/Slalom back in high school. I like to ski all over the mountain, but tend to stick to the front side riding the groomers. But I will also hit the bowls, bumps, and trees from time to time. Being an ex GS racer I love a ski that can carve. In the midwest you deal with a lot of crud and ice, so something that can handle that well. Really I feel like a need a very versitile all mountain ski?

I mainly ski in the Midwest with 2-3 trips per year out west. I have trips planned to Winter Park and Tahoe this year. Normally I just demo a set of skis when I go out west, but I am ready to purchase this year.

I have been looking at Volkl AC 30 (used 2008). They also cary the Volkl Tigershark line here at my local shop. I am also a fan of Dynastar.

I have skied the K2 Apache Recon the past two trips out west and like the ski, but felt like there could be something better out there.

Any help in pointing me to a starting point would be great!

Thanks for your thought!

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The K2 Recon and the Volkls you mention are about as dissimilar as bannanas and watermelons. The K2 lineup in general is soft flexing, easy, smooth and damp. They are versatile in soft snow but challenging on really hard stuff. OTH, the Volkls you mention are stiffer and more aggressive. They shine on hard snow but are often challenging in softer conditions. Neither one is better than the other, but they are certainly different so choosing one or the other would depend upon your priorities.

Within the width range you have mentioned so far, you could also consider the Dynastar Contact 4X4 or Legend 8K. Some of the Nordica lineup such as Afterburner, Nitrous, Top Fuel, or Jet Fuel might also be a fit.

We still have a few of the older AB and TF left in the Start Haus Ski Deal.

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That was exactly my complaint with the Recons...I felt they were too soft at high speed.

Here is my short-list:

Volkl AC50
Volkl AC30
Volkl Tigershark 12
Volkl Tigershark 10
Dynastar Contact 4x4
Dynastar Contact 10
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