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Help! I have been given the challenge of starting a study group in our ski school to prepare for PSIA certification. Currently our ski school has little educational programs and I would really like to see my team do a bang up job to demonstrate the value of this type of program. Any ideas from the instructor group?

I gave them this forums address during our ski school meeting tonight so I suspect a few of my peers will be listening shortly. I told them they could learn a lot on this forum from the best students and instructors in the world!

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I would present the group with a syllabus (may need to photocopy articles/chapters/etc.--don't worry about copyright since you're using the copies for educational purposes and you're not doing it for profit). Use the readings to organize the study sessions (discuss what you've read). As leader, it's your job to come up with a great question that arises from the reading that will fuel at least the start of a conversation.

Another idea is to have the group define some of the technical (incl. teaching) terms. We got a lot out of this activity when we tried it at HCC last year.

Watch videos and conduct movement analysis of all types of skiers, particularly like those they will be teaching.

Have them teach each other common things like tying shoes, making a PB&J sandwich, etc. Have them give a 3 minute presentation explaining what they do at work.

Shoot. What am I thinking? Get a Professional Development Portfolio and work through the exercises.
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Thank you for some great ideas! As usual I am not sure I can get a portfolio quick enough. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Did you hear Central office is now under professional management out of Lansing and Wawa is going away? :

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John, one thing you might do is have your group come up with some questions they can post here as threads. Ask for examiner feedback on them. I know of at least four of us who post here often. Make sure, and ask us to answer the question and cut the frills! Maybe AC can start a new category--exam study questions.
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John, Nice to hear from you via this forum. I haven`t been on for a while. We have continuing 1-2 night /late afternoon ski sessions for level 2/3 wannabees led by the TD or appropriate conductors. In addition, these candidates pick there own study groups or are assigned to a group of --no more than four. The existing book is used for indoor study and questions are formulated and presented to the conductor for explanation.
These groups are monitored part of each session, just to keep things steered. These groups are self motivated. The candidates recognize the value of sharing, which goes on thru the exam, spontaniously. We have a seperate room next to our locker room
with a TV/vcr. This is very good for movement analysis,generates a lot of discussion. These sessions become more intensive the closer to exam date and they do work.
Small directed groups seem to be the answer. You will hve fun and be stimulated--particularly when they pass. Larry C

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Contact Amanda at Boston Mills/Brandywine she was in charge of class room study for Level I and II. Drop me a line too we have tons of lituature and programs developed for this.


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One of the things I and many others here in Summit County found very valuable last year were weekly MA sessions led by Bob Barnes, Ski & Golf and other examiners. They included videos and interviews of actual students, other skiers at various levels and even some videos from instructor clinics.

Each of us candidates took turns doing MA at the levels we were prepping for using the guidelines for the exam provided by the Rocky Mountain Division and PSIA manuals. These sessions followed the format of the MA portion of the exam and provided excellent preparation for the actual exam. Lots of role playing which, I think, really helped us candidates prepare for a successful exam.

You may want to talk to Bob and Ski & Golf for more information on all the prep work and videos they took. They did a great job and instructors from many different ski schools in Summit County attended.

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